100 letters update…much more then I expected.

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Image from MS Word Clipart

Image from MS Word Clipart

I knew when I started this 100 letter journey, it would be beneficial, and it has exceeded my expectations so far. If you want to read more about this 100 letter journey you can do so here. This whole process is not something you can just sit down and “force” out the words. I have found that it takes some other form of thought. Meaning, I have no idea who I am going to write to until that minute or day, or what exactly I am going to say.I have found that if I think about someone over-and-over for a day or so then they are the one that are going to get the next letter. I have found this to be a great way to pick as I strongly believe that the person receiving the letter needs it as much as I need to send it.

I am not trying to sound snotty, like my letter is so life changing. But I have learned that things happen for a reason, and when they are suppose too. If you buy into this whole law of attraction, like I do, then you know that we think about things, and people, when we are suppose too…period. So those thoughts that come into your mind and you think…”I will do it later or call them later,” chances are you won’t and you have missed the reason you were thinking about them.

This is something I have learned the hard way in life and now that I am acting on those thoughts quicker, I am seeing and hearing the awesome results of that.

You never know who has truly inspired you in your life until something triggers your thinking. There may be something you are doing that reminds you of them, good or bad. Either way I strongly believe that we are suppose to think of these people and the timing, well, is meant to be.

Anyway, I have loved this 100-letters. it’s cool and feels good to make others happy to know how they have influenced me. Even after my 100 letter journey is complete I want to keep writing those letters, for the rest of my life, to those that need to hear form me. Who knows how many letters I will write in my life, but it can’t hurt.

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