What to do about the fish?

Well our fish is no its last fin and I am not sure what to do about it.  We have had it for 2 years and I hear form those who have fish that 2 years is a long time for a fish.

You can see in the picture below the swollen blue eye and this blue has started to show up all over the purple color the fish is normally.

Yes that big bulb on the right is the fish’s eye.

Anyway, I am stuck what to do. Is the fish suffering?  I don’t know.  He stays on top of the water in this spot always and rarely swims anywhere.  He eats and eats rather quickly when I put his food in every morning.  I knock on the glass and he responds by swimming for a minute or so but then back to this spot.  Sometimes he swims flat on his side and bends almost in half to try and turn around.

What do I do?  I don’t want to kill it if it is not suffering but how the heck am I suppose to know that?  Also, how the heck can I do that?  I don’t hunt or kill things except bugs and spiders so this is going to bother me a lot if I have to do it to the fish.

I keep hoping that the fish will die on his own quickly but it has been like this for about 3-4 weeks.

What should I do?!

Working out again feels great and my NO New Year Resolution!

Happy boxing day, well yesterday!  I did not get a chance to post this yesterday as I was too busy playing with the kids and all their new Christmas toys. LOL

I was so sick and tired of being couped up in the house, even though its freezing cold outside so I took the dog and my daughter for a very cold freeze walk yesterday.  We walked a few blocks and then we went and ran around the snowy field at the local elementary school, swung on the swing and walked home.  We were gone about 45 minutes and it was cold.

We got home and pulled out the Dance Dance revolution and did that for about 30 minutes.  I felt awesome after all this movement.  This is only the second time I have worked out since the InsterStim surgery and I have started to feel frumpy and tired and I know it was because of the lack of energy I was expending so now I am back! Whihoo!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and I also hope for everyone to have a Happy new year as well.

No New Years resolutions for me.  I made a promise to myself months ago that I will continue to better myself all year long.  My resolutions have been made all year long.  I am going to just continue with all my resolutions to work on myself in hopes of bettering myself.

Working out 16 days after InterStim stage 2 surgery

Interstim Therapy for Urinary Control : Educational Video for Patients (Dvd)

It has been 16 days since my stage 2 surgery of InterStim and I just did 90 seconds of plank position and jogged in place in front of the TV for 18 minutes and I DID NOT PEE, or even had the urge too and it did not hurt. 

This is so cool.  My incision is still sore to the touch.  When I bump into things that is pretty much the end of me feeling good for a couple hour otherwise, we are good!

My only complaint now is the soreness of the incision but that is normal after any surgery so I will take that.  For the rest of the results after surgery, so far LOVING IT!

90 second of Plank position, getting back up there!

Well before the surgery I was almost 200 seconds in plank.  My average day to day was 160 seconds.  My butt is healing much better, still sore, but I am back up from 60 seconds, from last week, to 90 seconds today! Yay!  Getting back up there slowly but surely!

Will keep doing it every day and get back to my 160 and I won’t stop there.  I need to get up there again as I am definitely noticing that extra weight around my stomach from the 2 weeks of healing and I DON’T LIKE IT! YUCK!!

I also just jogged for 18 minutes in place in front of the TV and I was not in pain!  Whihoo!  I am BACK!  Still waiting til Feb for P90X though, it is a tough one!

Just a random wonder today

This is just one of those, why questions.  I was making some dinner and was out of fresh garlic so headed to the spice rack to get some dried garlic.  I opened the lid, on the wrong side first, and found these little small holes.  Now the garlic is pretty big slices and could in no way shape or form fit through that side.  I opened up the other side and that was better because it was one large hole.  My question is…..why even bother putting a lid on a bottle when it is only half useful?  Weird.  It is not a big deal but just one of those random thoughts and was wondering what the reason is.  Maybe they got these lids for real cheap or something.  Oh well!

You can see the size of the garlic slice on the right.  It is much too big to fit through the little holes on the right!

Non traditional work out today

I am so sore today, seriously!  I had a very first Christmas party for my 4 year old with her two little friends and their Moms.  I was up and running ALL day long.  Stood probably 90% of the day, cleaning, vacuuming, baking, you name it.

I am actually gearing up to take some ibuprofen because I am so achy and sore and have sharp pains going through my feet.  Definitely got a good work out in today.  best i have had since my surgery!

Kids sizes are all messed up

So I was trying desperately today to put some jeans on my son who is fitting nicely into 18 month clothes for Pj’s and shirts and any other pant but jeans.  Here are two pairs of his jeans that are BOTH 18 months

OK so these are not even close to the same size, right?  Ridiculous.  The ones on the left fell off of him and had to be rolled up twice and the ones on the right were so small I could not get them over his diaper.  I had a third pair of jeans and they fit perfect here they are

I did not get a picture before I put them on because I decided to blog about this after I got him dressed.  You that have kids can understand why I did not want to undress him.  Anyway guess what size these perfect fitting jeans are?  Ready…..12 months!  OMG this is so ridiculous!  I know that things cannot be exact but is there anyway we can at least be close?  This makes shopping so hard its ridiculous.  I have actually kept larger clothes for both of my kids and when they were in that size I take the clothes out and end up not being able to use a handful of them every time because they are too small.  Frustrating.

At least he looks cute and happy!

I need to get over myself a whole lot more and faster!

Joe Vitale, as you know if you have been reading my posts, has been a HUGE inspiration for me through my positive thinking journey.  Again, I will plug for him, and no I don’t get paid to do this I truly believe in what he has to say, you really need to listen to his CDs “The Missing Secret” it has so many helpful things in it.  The ones I have added form amazon are the exact ones I have been listening to over and over again.

Anyway, his third step “the missing secret” is the step I have stuck on and need to find a way to move past it and get over myself.  This step is the one that talks about your beliefs.  The problem is that most of the time we believe that things MAY NOT work out and they won’t because we believe that.  I have been doing better but am so far away from getting this third step under control.

If my mind was clear and I truly believed that I deserved wonderful things all the time I am pretty sure, no scratch that I KNOW, that I would not be living pay check to pay check and wondering how the heck I am going to buy Christmas dinner trimmings with a whole $40 in my bank account.

See…this is my own fault.  My mind is not “clear” and I am not allowing it to feel worthy of everything I need it to so I am temporarily stuck in between step 2 and 3.  I NEED to figure this out and clear my  mind quickly so I don’t get further into the negative rut.  I am doing well but not well enough so it’s time to “poop or get off the pot!”

It will all work out and we will have a great Christmas, new years and so on.  If i can only just get over my fear of getting what I want!

I hope that everyone has a blessed holiday and a Merry Christmas!

Healing nicely from InterStim surgery part 2

My butt is feelling much better and I am able to even sleep on my back for a little while.  My bandage finally fell off and the scar is not very bad.

Just a little bit of clear tape on it and no infection so that is great.

I have had a few days where I have turned up the voltage 2 notches instead of only 1.  It has been consistently getting better but still small issues throughout the day so it has not been on a high enough setting. 

Go to the doctor Jan 10th for a check up and hope to have the setting perfected by then.  So far so good!

I wrote this post and saved it and then went to he Columbus zoo lights last night.  I accidentally ran into something and OUCH my incision is killing me.  It is still so sensitive.  I had to take one of my vicoden (sp?) it hurt so bad when I got home.  It is still really tender this morning.  I wonder how long this tenderness on my incision will last?  It sucks!