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Pay It Forward Friday!

I LUV Sharing!

You have heard the hype lately of people paying it forward? Well, I guess hype may be the wrong word. I think it is a great idea especially now that our country is in such turmoil and people need help! … Continue reading

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WTFriday…Going green?!

I LUV Sharing!

You would think with all the “green” talk these days that people would take into account that their trash throwing should be a thing of the past…but NO! I have picked up so much trash over the past few weeks. … Continue reading

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Surgery put workouts on hold…yuck!

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I haven’t posted about my 40-workouts for awhile and I still have about half the stack left. Reason is that I had to have surgery a couple months ago and was not able to workout for quite a while. Yuck…this … Continue reading

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Does sending in FASFA cost?

I LUV Sharing!

I have been kicking around the idea of whether or not I want to go back to school. I am on the fence about it, but figured I might as well feel out my FASFA (student loan paperwork) just in … Continue reading

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