5th day of spring and a snow shovel!

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car blogFirst of all I need to say I am sorry to the Midwest…it is my fault it keeps snowing.

We keep getting teased with nice weather every other week or so. Last week I was able to watch the kids play outside with sidewalk chalk, on the trampoline, and on their bikes. I vacuumed out the car the day before yesterday and decided that it was time the shovel be put away off the front porch and into the garage. Mind you, this will mark time #3 I decided to put the shovel away for the year.

It was nice a sunny…chilly, but sunny. Since it had been spring for a couple of days I figured since I could hear the birds singing in the trees and the sun being out it was a good sign I could finally put the shovel away. So again I apologize to everyone for making it snow because all three times I have put the snow shovel away in the garage it has snowed the NEXT day.

I am now going to leave the shovel out for the rest of spring! It is staying outside on my front porch! So if I am correct about my jinxed shovel then all of the Midwest can be rest assured that this will be the LAST major snow storm that we need to shovel.

Have a nice LAST snow day…day!!!!

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One Response to 5th day of spring and a snow shovel!

  1. I sure hope this is the last of it, but I am not going to hold my breath. It just won’t quit this year.

    I am so ready to plant my garden, you probably are too… then you can switch the snow shovel for a spade.

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