6 months old and still trouble sleeping…

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It’s not that my son does not sleep all night, it is that he does not sleep WELL all night.

He has rolled over fully 3 times and fights it when I try to get him to do it again and again. He gets so mad. I really think that if he could roll over then maybe he could get himself more comfortable in his crib. He squirms and scoots and gets stuck on his stomach and gets mad, even though he is still sleeping. So this means that we have to get up and scoot him back down to the other end of the crib, put a soothie in his mouth and wait for the next time he gets mad.

I  don’t know, maybe it won’t help his sleeping when he can move himself around, but it sure feels good to think that there could be a all night sleeping light at the end of the tunnel, soon….?

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  1. tawna6988 says:

    Go to post on 3-4-10 for follow up on this. I found some advice that seems to work. It was too long to leave as a comment.

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