90 second of Plank position, getting back up there!

I hope you will share!

Well before the surgery I was almost 200 seconds in plank.  My average day to day was 160 seconds.  My butt is healing much better, still sore, but I am back up from 60 seconds, from last week, to 90 seconds today! Yay!  Getting back up there slowly but surely!

Will keep doing it every day and get back to my 160 and I won’t stop there.  I need to get up there again as I am definitely noticing that extra weight around my stomach from the 2 weeks of healing and I DON’T LIKE IT! YUCK!!

I also just jogged for 18 minutes in place in front of the TV and I was not in pain!  Whihoo!  I am BACK!  Still waiting til Feb for P90X though, it is a tough one!

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  1. Ashley B says:

    Hey Tawna I just started following all your blogs, feel free to follow back

  2. Jill says:

    yay!! healthy bodies heal fast ūüėÄ

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