FREE Disney custom maps!

Today I get to share the FREE Disney Custom Maps offer! This has been a very popular offer.

Description: Order Free Customized Maps – Highlight your family’s favorite Park activities and attractions and then have them delivered to your door! Create special keepsake Maps of all 4 Parks that highlight your favorite attractions and entertainment.

Read more to get it! have a great day! If this is not an offer you will use maybe you can share it with a Disney Fan! Continue reading

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Disney Maps!

Who wants a Disney Map?!! Whether you need it for an upcoming trip or early for planning this is awesome that you can get a map right now!
Here you go!

If the above link does not work then Disney has removed this offer:(

This offer is shared via escalate network. Yhis blogger gets paid to share these offers with it’s readers.

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BOGO offers, paid opinions and many more offers!

So today we have Just Fab Buy one get one offer, paid opinions offers and many more great offers for you!! Hope you enjoy them!

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale! – 2 Pairs Of Shoes For $39.95

Description: JustFab Guy 1 Get 1 Free Sale! – 2 Pairs Of Shoes For $39.95

As a member, our style experts (advised by the founders of will review your personal fashion sense before combing through the shelves of style in our coveted closet. Then they’ll recommend items based on your existing style. So you’re getting the personalized, star treatment you deserve, without the high-end price tag.

.Springboard US Panel

Springboard America gives Americans like you the opportunity to speak up on what affects their daily lives – from Continue reading

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Holy Hot Offers for 2014!

Wow I got a whole bunch of offers for you.  Tons of get paid to do things offers such as shoping, opinions etc. I hope there is at least one that interests you!

New: iPoll – $5 Bonus

Make a difference…and make some money on the go! Download iPoll now for free and get $5.00 cash in your account!

Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel

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Coupons and Offers for you!

Here are a bunch of coupos and offers. I usually try to separate the posts but I am so busy today I am jsut posting them together!

Have a great day and enjoy saving on stuff!! There are a lot so scrol all the way down to see them all. The offers are first and the coupons (many) are at th end. Ton’s of cleaning coupons for srping cleaning!!

$0.50 off any Clorox Smart Seek™ Bleach

Fun & Functional Springtime Offer: 

Description: Take a short style quiz, picking out which styles of shoes, handbags, dresses, and other types of clothing you like and then Shoedazzle’s stylists will pick out items that match your style for you. On the first day of every month, Shoedazzle’s stylists will create a personalized set of items you are sure to enjoy.

Giveaway: Zavida Coffee For A Year Continue reading

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Just shut-up and listen!

beauty girl cryThis post is inspired today by a post from a friend on FB. No, she did not post anything to make me upset or want to vent she simply asked how to respond to someone who just experienced a loss. Immediately I thought to myself, “I have a lot of experience with loss so why not give my two cents?”

The older we get the more loss we experience but it wasn’t until I lost my son that I realized I had been saying all the wrong things at the time others in my life were grieving. So here is my opinions on what not to say. Continue reading

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