Nothing sweeter than sleeping kids…

So I can’t help myself sometimes as I sit and watch my kids sleep, sometimes I just have to disturb them and kiss them or pick them up and snuggle with them. I know that I am taking a risk of waking them up but sometimes you just got to do it.
Tonight I was holding my 5 month old and he was lying on my chest so snug and adorable and I just couldn’t help but keep kissing him. Well this did make him mad and wake up so I had to stop and lay him down.

I have also been guilty of picking my daughter up out of bed and cuddling with her and she gets mad at me. Can’t help it, sometimes you just got to do it right?

Just had to write about it, they are so cute and quiet right now! Hopefully I can remember this feeling tomorrow when they are both crying at the same time!

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Having kids when you are older…

There are pros and cons to every situation. There are many pros for me for waiting to have kids at an older age; finished with College, no mid life crisis, maturity and many more. There is one con though and that is that most of mine and my husband’s friends are either close to or are now empty nesters. They are in their late 30’s to early to mid 40’s and they are kid free and still young enough to start playing again. This is hard for me and my husband, especially my husband because he does have a 20 year old daughter and now he is going through the whole kid thing again. Don’t get me wrong he wants and is very happy having a family because there are a lot of things he missed out on when his daughter was younger, there are just obstacles.

Another problem we are facing is that I have been so career oriented for a long time and this has been a very hard adjustment for me to stay home. I get cabin fever pretty easily and I need to get out too. I take 2 dance classes a week, Mondays for 90 min and Thursdays for 45 min. It does help other then my husband has to go out of town from Tuesday to Wednesday every week, so it seems like we are missing each other lives during the week. It is wearing on our relationship as we are going to have to try harder to make the time we are all together as a family very worthwhile.

Everything will work out and be fine I know there are just days when it just seems very tough and this last couple days has been 2 of those. My husband is a great husband and father, believe me, we just need to figure out a schedule that works for all of us. I know that when the kids get to school age and start doing everything this time of our life won’t seem so hectic right? One day at time!

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Went to the doctor today and the ignorant receptionist…

So I went to the doctor today and was a new patient so I had to fill out that mountain of paper work before my appointment. My referring physician had made the appointment and sent my initial information to them in the first place. When the receptionist checked me and was verifying information she was reading it all out loud and when she got to social security number I though, she will write it down, and she read it out loud! I was just standing there staring at her and thought, are you freaking kidding me!

Now with all the policies and procedures with privacy acts etc. you would think that this woman would have realized that would be a bad move. There were 10 people in the waiting room and believe me she was loud enough for the whole room to hear. I did not say anything right then and there, but I am going to make an anonymous phone call or letter this week as that was very uncalled for.

I would even be more forgiving if this was some young naive girl that has not been around the work force long but this woman was definitely it least 3-5 years older than me so she should not be so careless.

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