Kids get cabin fever too…

So I have blogged about having troubles with my 3 year old quite a bit lately and I noticed a change in her today and it made me think.
We have been cooped up in this house because of the snow for weeks. We have had more snow than usual this year and who wants to pack to young kids out in this cold snowy weather to go do things? Plus with all the flu that is going around it makes me more nervous.

However, my husband took my daughter out shopping with him and his Dad today and she had been whiny and horrible all morning long. It has been a night and day difference since she got home. She is so happy and not whiny it is like having a different daughter at home than I have had over the last few weeks.

This made me think that maybe my daughter was experiencing cabin fever just like us adults do. Maybe she just needed a change in environment from the hum drum house. I know that I get antsy and stir crazy when I am cooped up too long so why shouldn’t she? We will see if she is in a good mood the rest of the day and see if it lasts another day or so. If she is then I guess we just need to get out every few days so we don’t fight so much.

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A 40 minute tantrum from my 3 year old…

So all I said last night at 9:15 pm was: “let’s go get PJ’s on. Oh my, that was the wrong thing to say as it turned into a 40 minute tantrum. I was so ready to jump out of my window but I handled it better than usual.

She cried and cried and I was very calm for about 36 minutes of it. I simply told her that if she did not calm down she was going to lose things. We were in her room and every 2-3 minutes I would tell her, “if you don’t stop I am going to take a toy out of your room and you are going to lose it for a long time.” I took out 3 large stuffed animals, her princess vanity, and her castle doll house. She finally figured out that I was serious and stopped. I now have all her toys hidden away and she has to be good in order to get them back one at a time. This means she has to go to bed without a tantrum and if she does, the next morning one of her toys will reappear.

Let’s see how this works.

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More sleep = less fighting…

So I have got more sleep the past few nights and it has made my days with both my kids a lot easier.

I have a husband that loves to sit, for hours, in front of the TV at night. He thinks that the only way he can relax and that we can spend “quality” time together is in front of the big screen.

The problem is that when the kids both get to bed for the night (around 10) then anything we want to watch goes until midnight or later. By the time we brush our teeth and get ready for bed it is about 1am. My 6 month old sleeps really good from about 10 til about 4-6am. If I go to bed around 10-11 then I feel more rested when he is up at the early hours. When I am staying up with my husband, I feel like crap the next day and have a very short fuse.

So my husband has been out of town for work the last couple days and I have gone to bed between 10:30-11 and have gotten up a couple times to give my son a soothie around 4 and 6am but he sleeps until 7:30. I feel much better and me and my daughter are not fighting near as much.

I guess I need to pick my battles and I would rather not have battles with my 3 ½ year old during the day so I am going to bed by 11. Maybe then my husband may realize that there is more to life then us in front of the TV. I mean, he will sit there anyway, but he is going to have to alone after 11pm.

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6 months old and still trouble sleeping…

It’s not that my son does not sleep all night, it is that he does not sleep WELL all night.

He has rolled over fully 3 times and fights it when I try to get him to do it again and again. He gets so mad. I really think that if he could roll over then maybe he could get himself more comfortable in his crib. He squirms and scoots and gets stuck on his stomach and gets mad, even though he is still sleeping. So this means that we have to get up and scoot him back down to the other end of the crib, put a soothie in his mouth and wait for the next time he gets mad.

I  don’t know, maybe it won’t help his sleeping when he can move himself around, but it sure feels good to think that there could be a all night sleeping light at the end of the tunnel, soon….?

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Taking advice about a book to help with my child…

OK Hollie you told me about this book and I am just starting to read it. The book is “Setting Limits for your Strong-Willed Child,” by Robert J. MacKenzie.

I started reading it today and he seems like he knows what he is talking about as one of his children sounds EXACTLY like my daughter. It says to not start using any of his advice until you read the book totally so that is what I am going to do. I will post more about this later after I read it and start trying his ideas. I hope this works, I NEED something to work!

It was very inexpensive as well. I bought if off for under $10 even with shipping. I have an Amazon search box on my blog so if you want to check it out you can search from my page.

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Thumb sucking chain worked like a charm…

So we went to build a b ear today and my daughter got to build her first bear (hello kitty) and named it “Snowball Kitty.” If you don’t know what I am talking about look at my February 10, 2010 post “My strategic move to get my daughter to stop thumb sucking…”

It has been 9 days without any thumb sucking at all for my nearly 4 year old. She had no more incentive tonight and told me “Mom I don’t need to suck my thumb anymore.” Sweet! This has been a good day all around. I would definitely tell you that it WORKED and I am so happy. Just think of all the money I will save on the orthodontist now.

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Need advice on how to handle my 3 year old…

Terrible two’s is so not a correct statement. My daughter was an Angel at 2, seriously. 3 ½ hit and BAM whiny tantrum girl that constantly tells me know has come out full force.

I seriously feel like I am yelling at her all the time and I hate it. I try and try to reason with her and explain all the time why not to do things etc. and she just does not give me a break and listen. I am finding myself punishing her for the same fight every day.

I have made a discipline chain out of paper and every time she gets really bad a paper is added and something is lost. Like her rocking horse and remote control car. She has not had them back in days and she cries when I take them away but obviously it is not doing its job.

I tried for months to take away the TV, computer, candy etc. and that has not worked either.

She really is a nice child but I am not really sure how to handle these tantrums and undermining actions right now. Those of you that have gone through this with your girls please give me some advice.

Please leave the comments on my blog and not on my face book as they will get lost as my status changes and I would like to be able to find them quickly.


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Gift for your wife when you don’t have money…

Men, you don’t need to have money to give your wife a great gift for any occasion. It is funny because my husband feels that he has let me down because we can’t afford nice gifts right now well I am staying home with our kids. Here is the thing, there are many gift options that mean more than an expensive gift…RECOGNITION being a big one. Here are some ideas that I feel would be great gifts and would make me feel that my husband recognizes all I do in a day.
• Take the kids out for about 3 hours one evening and buy me some bubble bath and a candle. Set the CD player and the candle up in the bathroom. Leave me a note that says “Thanks for all the hard work you do around here for me and the kids. Please take some time out for you and relax.”

• Wake up in the morning and make me breakfast and after was the dishes without being asked or huffing and puffing while you do it. Then tell me, I did this gesture because I love you and wanted to do something nice.

• Do the laundry one day. This means folding it and putting it away.

• Give me a 20-30 minute massage and don’t expect sex afterwards. Give me a good book to read and a candle afterwards to relax and have some Mom time.

See, this is not hard to do and not expensive. The sad thing is that most men will never think of this and it is not fun to ask for a gift to get one. So I guess I will have to wait until we are rich.

Now back to the laundry and dishes!

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The thumb sucking chain is totally working…

OK if you do not know what I am talking about got to my previous posts (about 2-3 posts ago) and read about the chain I made for my daughters thumb sucking. It is totally working! I am so excited about this. She literally has not sucked her thumb since the day I put it up. The skin on her lip has healed as well as the sores on the thumb. This will so be worth the $50 I will spend on build a bear in about 4 more days as this will save us a lot m ore than that on dental work in the future. Yay!

I did have to quit putting on the “bad” blue paper to the thumb chain as it did not seem fair to add it to that one. So now we have 2 chains. The thumb sucking chain and another blue paper “bad things” chain. When she has more than 3 pieces of blue paper she will lose something for a day or two. She is allowed to rip of the blue pieces when she has been good for a certain amount of time (depends on the situation really). Right now she only has 2 blue pieces so not so bad.

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My strategic paper chain has turned into much more…

So the stop the thumb sucking chain has worked really well like I posted earlier but after tonight it has turned into another tool.
So my daughter decided to pitch the biggest fit I have ever seen her thro tonight and it lasted over an hour. It got to the point that every parent is all too familiar with, the point to where I knew I was going to beat her if I did not do something drastic.

I went downstairs and grabbed the paper chain and a piece of blue paper, scissors and the stapler. I cut the blue paper into strips and headed upstairs to my screaming child. I told her that if she did not stop I was going to start adding pieces to the chain. I tried to explain to her that this would mean that it would take longer for her to achieve her Build a Bear trip. She started to totally freak out “no mommy don’t do it, don’t put it on there!” I tried to reason for a few more minutes and after a lot of drama I added a blue paper. She cried even more and by the end of the tantrum there were a total of 2 blue pieces of paper added.

She did finally calm down and the chain is back downstairs. It was hard to go through but I am hoping that now that she saw me follow through with my threat of adding the blue paper that she will remember this next time I threaten and not let it get that far.

So now I am implementing something new. She can take a yellow piece of paper off the chain as a reward for not thumb sucking. She can also take a blue piece of paper off on the days that are “good” days and there is not fighting.

I am hoping that this will turn into a learning tool and be a better option than spanking her. Now we will see how this goes!

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