Can’t dust the shelf…

I have not blogged for a while for a few reasons. We have had a flu and a cold in this house for the last 3 weeks, I am tired of it! Hopefully on the mend now so we will see. It is also a very stressful time of the month of March as our anniversary was this past Friday and it should also be my first son’s 2nd birthday (Brayden). I have been in an emotional slump for a few days and this has not helped me kick this flu and cold either.

A few days before the 26th, I started fighting with myself about dusting the shelf in our room. The reason why this is such a task is that this is the shelf dedicated to my son. I do not dust it very often as it is very hard for me to do. I beat myself up about it too, feel bad because I let it get so dusty, but know when I do it I will have an emotional breakdown. Needless to say, I still have not dusted the shelf. I really should just do it as I have had a few breakdowns already due to the time of year anyway, but can’t get motivated to do it.

I have been in a slump and no mood to even write or pay much attention to anything else. I am slowly getting out of it now because now I have my daughter’s 4th birthday coming up and I need to get on the ball and start getting ready for it. It least this will help me distract my thoughts and maybe I can move into a happier and healthier direction.

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Will power…

I have posted this on both my blogs because I think it fits nicely in both of them.  I don’t typically post the same thing on both but decided to today.

So I was thinking about this for the last couple days…will power. I have been told, and have said to others before, “I don’t or I do have the will power to do something. “ My mind has been questioning and pondering this statement for a while and this is what I have come up with, well this is what makes sense in my head anyway.

Is will power specific to each and everything in our life or is our will power one overall power? I am leaning more and more towards ONE, not a multiple power.

I have been changing my eating and exercise habits a lot over the past few months. I have been told by many people “I just don’t have the will power like you to change mine.” I use to believe that I did not have the will power either.

As individuals we have different personalities and different habits and I think that will power is more of a values and personality thing. I have the “will power” to not kill everyone that pisses me off or wrongs me, I have the “will power” to not steal when I go into the store so why is my will power different when it comes to my body and eating? I am starting to believe that it is not different. I obviously do have the will power because I am losing weight and changing my eating habits now, I am just finally using it. I really think that all people with a conscious and those that strive to better themselves in any way at all have the will power, but it is just a choice whether or not to use it.

I think that we like to use the excuse of “I don’t have the will power” because we become afraid to start something that is different. I also think that a lot of people are prone to being scared of failure and that causes the excuse as well. I know that I am a perfectionist when it comes to myself and this has definitely been a reason for me to be lacking in the healthy environment I am engaging in now because I was scared to fail and have to admit failure.

I am now finding it real easy to keep my power strong and keep up with the exercise and eating right because I am seeing results and liking myself more so it is making me excited and satisfied to see my results.

Every individual holds the power to do anything they want to do

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Husband can surprise me…

So I gripe a lot about my husband so I thought I would post something good too. The other night I am not sure what got into him but it was nice.

I had stripped our bed linens and flipped the mattress and I always ask him to pull the pad and fitted sheet on for me because the sheets fit so tight and he is a lot stronger so he gets them pulled on better so they stay longer. He does not always make the whole bed for me and I end up doing it but the other night he totally made the entire bed without me asking and was helping out around the house. He was putting up things that have been waiting a long time, fixing the cars, brushing Rae’s teeth and getting her ready for bed. I usually have to bug him to do these things and the other night he just did it.

I made sure I told him how much I appreciated everything because I wanted him to know that I noticed and was appreciative. I think it is important to compliment and not just criticize and then maybe I will see it happen more.

It sure was nice. It is the little things that mean a lot sometimes.

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How to make your husband fix your car…

So my husband put 2 new belts in my car last summer. Every time it is cold or rainy outside one of them would squeal until the car warmed up. Sometimes this took a very long time and my entire trip, to anywhere, would be me and my squealing car. It was very embarrassing and the only way I could get it to stop temporarily was to rev the engine really hard.

Well I guess going down to a one car family and my husband having to drive my car more did the trick. Today he actually spent the 30 minutes and tightened the belt and wouldn’t you know “it was a lot easier than I thought to tighten it.” Of course before all I ever heard was “it is a lot harder then you realize.” Everything is always a lot harder then I realize because this is the excuse he likes to give me when he just doesn’t want to be bothered.

I love my husband very much and know that I do vent a lot about him, but 90% of the time he is great. It just makes me laugh because I knew this is what it would take to get him to finally fix my car. Now I don’t have to be embarrassed to drive! Thanks babe!

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Mom is not allowed to be sick…

OK so tell me why when a woman is sick she is still expected to cook, clean, and take care of the kids and when the man is sick he sits in a chair and moans and groans and expects to be catered too?

When I am sick I am still asked, “what are you thinking for dinner,” or “did you get my work shirts cleaned,” or “I got a lot of work to do in the basement.” I have to pretty much force him to take charge and give me some time to relax and try to get over my sickness.

I guarantee you that if he gets what I have he will be moaning and groaning and expect to be served while he gets better. I swear, when I die and go to heaven I better get to be catered to when I feel horrible!

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Son’s first tooth…

My 6 month old was so fussy last night. He usually smiles all the time he is awake and last night he would cry when someone would talk to him, look at him, or anything. I was hoping he was not getting sick again.

Wouldn’t you know it but this morning he had cut his first tooth. He has been teething for literally 2 months on these bottom front teeth and he cut one last night. He is so happy today and back to his normal self it is great. He looks so cute with his little tiny tooth bud in his mouth.

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Over tired child means bad tempered child…

One of the things I am noticing and more now is that when we let our children stay up past their normal bed time we are not benefitting them at all.

I have to constantly be the parent that makes the bed time a firm time because my husband thinks he is being nice and the extra time is worthwhile to let our 3 year old stay up. The problem is that it only takes about 30 minutes past the normal bed time to make the night go downhill fast.

If we let our daughter stay up then she ends up crying herself to sleep with a tantrum because she is so overtired you can’t reason with her. I hate having her go to sleep like that as it makes me feel awful all night. It does not need to be this way if we put her to bed at her normal time. There are still nights we may have a few problems but the heavy tantrum can be avoided if we don’t let her stay up.

I also have to make sure that we do not stay out for more than 1 night in a row because if I keep her out late, like at my in-laws etc and she does not get to bed in time, it makes for hard days. I do find that I have to constantly defend myself to my family members but it is so worth it for me to have a happy child at home. It is not like we won’t go off our normal schedule when we need to, but I am not going make a habit of it and help my child be tired and moody all day long.

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Great advice on helping my 6 month old sleep better…

So on 2-5-10 and 2-23-10 I posted problems with my 6 month old not sleeping well at night. I got some great advice from some but got the best so far yesterday from my fiend Kristy.

My son sleeps on his stomach and always has. He hates sleeping on his back and won’t do it from the day he was born. I use to freak out about this because of all the hype about SIDS and stomach sleeping so I use to try and force him on his back. Well when he was not sleeping at all I gave into his stomach sleeping and that helped a lot. I just slept in the room with him so I could hear every breath all night long.

This worked out for awhile but now that he can squirm and move it was making it difficult for me to sleep. He is a pretty loud sleeper and would squirm himself into the corner of his crib and then really upset so I would be getting up every 20-30 minutes to pull him back down to the middle of his mattress.

He can hold his chest and head up fully and can roll over from his back to his stomach and CAN but has only rolled from his stomach to his back 3 times. He gets mad when I try to make him keep doing it.

The problem is that he was/is getting way to use to me being there for every single move he makes and I was/am not letting him fend for himself at all. This way he knows that all he has to do is make a few little noises and I will do everything for him. This was working when he could not move at all on his own but now it is making a very bad sleeping habit and making me so tired and grouchy that I need to do something different.

Kristy told me that when her kids are sick with a stuffy head etc she puts a blanket underneath one end of the crib mattress to just raise their head up very slightly and this has helped. So I did this last night to see if it would help with his squirming into the corner and it totally worked! He still moved to the side of his crib a bit but he can move himself over, I just have to make him want to do it.

I slept in another room so I could not hear every little sound but close enough that I could hear if he got really mad. I got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I am so excited about this. He did not cry until 6:30 and I went in as he was slowly starting to wake up. I did lay with him for 45 min as he was in and out of sleep trying to wake up and at 7:15 he was totally awake. I think a few more nights like this and he should be broken of the Mommy habit. I may not be such a witch during the day if I keep getting some sleep too. I feel and hear myself at times and I just think “chill out woman.” It is hard to “chill out” when you are so darn tired.

Thanks Kristy!

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My husband’s gift problem…

So my husband is a good man, he really is, he just has a problem thinking ahead when it comes to gifts etc. He is always thinking about the hobby store and his planes as he can’t stand not to go into a store at least once a week and tell me “what I need to fly my plane” etc.
So Valentine’s Day comes around and I have his card for about a week. He has nothing. It is not like we expect gifts from each other, but a card? Seriously? We do that every year and this year he had to be reminded and his reminder was my card. He always decided to go get me a card and/or a gift on my birthday day as well. But don’t let that fool you, it is not that he just does not think of shopping because he does all the time when it comes to him but the only stores he thinks of are, hobby center, goodwill, big lot’s and micro center. I have to hear all the time “I really need this for my plane, for my computer, blah blah blah.”

So the Valentine’s thing did bother me because just once I would like to be remembered. Yesterday I told him that it hurts me when he has to have me remind him to think of me so if he can’t do this on his own I was done getting him birthday cards and presents and on other occasions as well.

I guess I can’t continue to be mad at him all the time because he is not doing what “I” want him to do so I need to quit going out of my way and maybe that will make me feel better. If I don’t expect it at all maybe I won’t get so upset? He felt a bit uncomfortable with the conversation I could tell, but if this does not need to be a problem in our marriage then I am not going to make it a problem anymore. I will give him one more chance on Mother’s day and my birthday this year since they are literally just a couple weeks apart. If nothing changes then I have to change. I can just shop for myself from now on.

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Daughter’s sleep over, I miss her…

So my daughter wanted to sleep over at my Mom-in-laws house tonight and when I told her “yes” she was ecstatic. How could I say no she was so excited? It is nice and quite as my husband is out of town for work and my son is in bed. It is so quiet that I miss the heck out of her, I wish she was here.

Isn’t it funny that we beg and plead for a break but when we get one we wish we were with our kids? I guess maybe when my kids are teenagers I will be more excited to have a night off right, or will I just have different stress? Hmmm, who knows? I can’t wait to hug my little peanut in the morning.

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