House finally going up for Sheriffs sale…

Well I have to be totally honest, we have been lucky so far. It has been 1 ½ years since we have made a house payment and our house is scheduled for Sheriff’s sale in June. It has been a rough 2 ½ years not knowing what is going on and us struggling with our medical bills and it seems that now it will come to an end.

We have had our house start and stop foreclosure, I believe, four times now. It has been stopped once because we filled bankruptcy and then started again, so that is twice, then stopped again in August when the first Sheriff sale was to be and then stopped again when the bank sent up papers to try and work out a deal. They lost the paper work that we sent 9 months ago and we had to resend them 2 weeks ago.

We got a letter today saying June is the Sheriff’s sale so this is number 4 and I am pretty sure the last time. Apparently they don’t want to work out a deal with us so we have to move.

The irony of it all is that I have plane tickets for me and the kids to go to UT and Canada for 6 weeks and if the house sells in June then we would have to be out before we are scheduled to fly back. My new hope, not to keep the house, but to have the house not sell in June and sell in July so we don’t have to move until August.

Our house needs at least $20,000 worth of work for someone to fix it up to sell or even live in it so they would have to get it cheap to make it worth it. The problem I see is that no one can come see it before they bid so they will not know that till too late.

I just ask everyone to pray for us that it does not sell in June and waits until July. Will keep you posted.

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My daughter’s fear of Band-Aids…

My 4 year old daughter refuses to let us put band-aids on her when she gets hurt and needs one. She will scream bloody murder if we even talk about it.
She fell tonight while running on the side walk and got a really big raspberry on her left leg. It was nasty and bleeding everywhere. I got her home and my husband and I tried to deal with the hysterical child. She was first of all tired as we went on a walk from 8:00-8:45. It was 2 doors down from our house where she hurt herself. I guess the saying “most accidents happen close to home” is a correct one. I let her out of the stroller to run to her Daddy that happened to get home just before we did.

We finally got her upstairs and sprayed her off in the shower and she screamed the whole time. Once we got her dry I got a non-stick gauze pad and put some Neosporin on it. She was so upset with us and you could have sworn we were beating her to death. We forced the band-aid on her and she finally calmed down after about 45 minutes.

She kept saying “it feels weird take it off as she would cry a little but we made her keep it one. After a good dose of ibuprofen and her wearing herself out from hr tantrum she finally fell asleep.

We have always had this issue with her and band-aids. It is weird to us because it seems that most other kids love them and want them all of the time. It is nice that we don’t go through them so fast but frustrating that she won’t let us use them when she needs them.

Anyone have children that hate band-aids this much? How do you handle it when they need one? Force it on while she throws a fit like we did?

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Helping kids take turns…

My friend Heidi came over the other day and helped me out and she didn’t even know it so thanks Heidi!

Her grandson who is 3 and my daughter who is 4 were arguing about taking turns and she said “at my house we do 5 min. turns.” She then would tell the kids, “4 min, 3 min”, etc.

Now those of you that are parents and have been for awhile probably are saying, duh, I already do this but seriously I have not thought of it this way yet. I babysit another child on Tuesdays and he is 8 months younger then my daughter. I have always fought with them about taking turns but the actual timing concept did not come so clearly until I was shown it.

Today is Tuesday and I have implemented this and it is working out nicely. I am making a couple adjustments though. I have a digital kitchen timer that I have been using and training the kids to listen for the beep so they know when their turn is up. It is funny because they keep asking, “is my turn over yet?” It is awesome to them when I say, “no not yet.”

They were playing with a really loud circus toy I bought my daughter that was driving me insane. The song would just keep repeating over and over. So my brilliant idea… Mommy takes a turn for 5 minutes. They gave me the toy without any hesitation at all because I set the time for myself too. What is nice with kids that can’t read yet…I set my 5 minute time for 10 minutes but still told them it was set for 5 minutes. They haven’t noticed any difference. The plan was that they would get onto something else and forget about the noisy toy. Did it work? ABSOLUTELY! It is noise free and has been 20 minutes since my timer went off.

Now I will go hide the toy somewhere.

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My 4 year old is not a morning person…

Wow, I had no idea that I would have a 4 year old teenager in the house. She is already waking up with an attitude and I swear I don’t know what to do about it.

She wakes up with this look on her face and she starts off immediately with the “No Mom” way to early. She is starting to be really snotty until about noon and then she basically gets over it for a few hours.

I do not wake her up. I let her sleep until she is ready to get up. I have made a strict bedtime with her at night and constantly argue with my husband about it because he always wants her to go to bed in front of the stupid TV.

I am constantly sending her to her room, taking away TV and/or treats for the day but this does not seem to make an impact. All she says is “I don’t want to lose anything.” When I say, “OK then stop being mean.” She says “BAH,” or spits with her lips I my direction, or whatever.

What works? ARGH……!

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Can we put up the Christmas tree in May…

My daughter has already started begging me to put up the Christmas tree and decorations. I don’t know why but she has pulled out the Christmas music and movies and will not stop about the decorations coming out next.
I love Christmas and I really hope that all this early Christmas stuff does not ruin the excitement this year. Of course I am telling her “NO” on the tree and decorations, but I have watched at least a dozen Christmas movies and listened to about 3 CD;s over and over again in the last 2 weeks.

I am glad she likes Christmas but I really need to find something to detour her Christmas thinking. I wish the weather would cooperate so we could go outside and play more. But on the up side, all this rain is doing wonders for my garden to finally sprout some green!

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Perfect Brownie Pan Set review…

This is my review of the perfect brownie pan set. My wonderful neighbor bought me one of these today at CVS. When I initially opened the box I had to go back to CVS as half of the things in the box were missing. I am pretty sure that someone else needed some pieces and parts and bought it initially, took what they needed, and then returned it back to the store.
Well after my trip to CVS I came home and my 4 year old and I decided to try the double fudge brownie mix that comes in the recipe book that comes with it.

The recipe was really easy to make and after I washed the pan, it was very easy to put together and put the mix in.

My pan did leak a bit and in the directions it gives you some tips to help with this.

The brownies taste really good and they did seem to cook pretty even. I was worried ¾ of the way through as the edges looked like they were cooking a lot faster but in the end they seem to have the same consistency as the middle pieces.

It is a cool idea to have them come out in individual squares and this does help the cooling process quite a bit. I did not like how slippery the stand on the pan is though so I did end up putting them on my other drying rack and as you can see in the picture I am not displaying them on the pan as they say but rather a plate as it does not slide everywhere.

As far as the taste and the cooking process I think it is neat and it worked fine. As far as displaying the brownies I do not like the pan. I almost knocked them off the counter a half dozen times. Some rubber on the bottom of the stand would probably do the trick.

They also give you 10 free stencils to decorate with powdered sugar. Well I tried to sprinkle the powdered sugar on them like they said but as you can see from my picture that did not work out well. You can kind of see the heart one in the middle and then there is a flag on the right but other than that it just looks like globs of powdered sugar. I gave the stencils to my 4 year old to play with after.

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Judge Judy is on the 20 dollar bill…

Did you know that Judge Judy is on the $20 bill? You can’t argue this because my 4 year old daughter has informed that Judge Judy is the face on the $20 bill.
She was looking at a $20 bill this morning and asked me who the “woman” on the bill was. I said “It is not a woman it is a man, and I can’t remember which president it is.” She then precedes to tell me that it is NOT a man it is a woman, stops and thinks for about 15 seconds and says “ah Mom it is Judge Judy!”

As any of you know I cannot and am not allowed to argue with a 4 year old child that knows everything. So, in our house Judge Judy is on the $20 bill.

FYI: She knows about Judge Judy because mommy watches her every day.

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My stress picking in killing my arms…

So I have a stress acne picking problem. I was unsure if I ever wanted to fess up and post this on here but since I am doing so well with displaying my weight loss on line on my other blog ( I am thinking that maybe posting my struggle with the picking problem may help me quit.
Below you will see a picture that I posted on my weight loss blog after my 30 pound loss. If you look at my arm you can see some red/brown marks all over it. Well that is nothing but acne and not just flared up acne but actual scars too.

Someone asked me the other night if it was bug bites and I could have lied but I told her what it really was. I have been embarrassed about it for years but I need to stop doing it so I am hoping be honest about it may help me refrain from doing it anymore.

The problem is that I get stressed out about money, marriage, time management, etc and I find a small tiny bit of acne on my arms and I pick it to death. I have not always done this but with the house going into forecloser and the lack of sleep etc. I am finding it real hard to stop.

Any suggestions (besides therapy) please let me know. I am too poor to pay anyone and I need to stop this on my own. Hay, if I can battle and eating disorder on my own with close family 14 years ago then I can battle this right?

Here is the picture taken a couple weeks ago

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