My son loves lady bugs!

So the other day I was doing a garage sale and I had my step daughter Meagan come over and help me watch the kids.
I came into the living room and my son was crawling around, smiling and having a great time. He kept chewing on something and neither me nor my step daughter could find what was in his mouth.

I picked him up and put his back to my chest and with my free hand I dug around in his mouth until I found what was in there…..a lady bug, yes you heard me, a lady bug. The lady bug was still alive, crawled up my finger and then flew away.

It was so funny because while we were trying to figure out what was in there, Brahnan was laughing and smiling and making it harder. He would shake his head and chuckle and now we know why. The lady bug must have been tickling his mouth while crawling around in there. It is pretty gross but pretty darn funny. He was upset when we took it out for a couple minutes too.

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Avoiding the “eviction” from the foreclosure

So I initially said that we had at least 60 days to be out of our house after the bank bought it back at the Sheriff’s sale. That is not untrue but I am learning a couple more things that I was not aware of before.
Having an eviction on your record is definitely not a good thing when you are looking to rent a house, which most people do after a foreclosure. It is definitely smart to stay in until the Sheriff sale but don’t wait until the bank gives you notice or if any buyer gives you notice. It is actually and “eviction notice” they give you and that looks really bad when renters run your background check. Leaving willingly looks a lot better.

So this is my week; tonight dress rehearsal, Friday and Sat. dance concert Friday and Dat. Day from 7-4 garage sale (since we are downsizing to half we have to sell about everything). Sunday is father’s day and more packing. Monday last day here to pack and Tuesday I fly to Utah for 6 weeks and my husband has 2 weeks to move us out to a new house. Hmmmmm, what shall I do with my free time!

Very stressful busy week and cannot wait for Tuesday night when I can walk in my parents door and say, good night! Mind you we get there at around noon Mountain time but I am pretty sure after this week and me on the plane by myself with 2 kids 4 and under, I may sleep from noon till the next day!

SCREEEEEEAAAAAAAMMMMM! This too shall pass, right?

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House is sold…

So the bank would not refinance is nor would they work out a deal with us but they bought the house back and now have to kick us out, clean it up, then sell it again. Does this make any sense at all? We could have made the payments on the mortgage if they would have just refinanced us in the first place.

We were on one of those mortgages that the interest rate would rise every year for 4 or 5 years. If we could have gone back to the first year or even the second year’s payment we would not be in the situation we are now. I guess they can do whatever they want with the house now. We are packing and looking elsewhere.

I had enough packing with 2 young kids running around so my daughter and I took a break and made some paper flowers. I think it was something she saw on sprout the other day and I decided, “what the heck, let’s take a break.” I am attaching a picture of the finished product along with my cute daughter of course.

It was a nice break in a hectic day which followed a very hectic week.

The flowers were very easy to make. Cut out a flower and let my daughter color it and put it on a straw with some tape. Put different color paper in the center and taped that to the straw as well.

I made the vases with a piece of paper that I taped around 2 t-candles. The paper vase would tip over without them on the bottom. Smashed some tissue paper down in the vase and shoved the flower in. Both of them took about 45 minutes and my daughter thinks I am the best Mom in the world! It was fun and made my whole day better.

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Couldn’t stop the Sheriff sale today

Today was the second attempt of the city’s Sheriff’s sale on our house and this time the second time was the charm I guess. We have not heard if the house even sold yet but it did happen.

I am trying not to get stressed about it but reality is stressing me out anyway. I called the Sheriff’s office today and asked how I could find out if my house was sold and they told me to call back and gave me a number to call and of course no one answered at all and the web site is not updated. I realize that we are being foreclosed on but how hard is it to answer a phone and let people know how long they have to be in their home? Very frustrating!

Hopefully we will find something out tomorrow.

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Everyone needs to watch Food Inc.

I finally got to watch the movie Food Inc. tonight and I am so utterly disgusted I don’t even really know what to say. I even cried during it and spent 99% of the movie with my jaw hanging down to the floor.
All I can say is if you have not seen it I would suggest it. For anyone that wants our government to rule every little thing we do and not question it then you need to watch this move and tell me if you still agree. This is very disturbing and I will never ever allow me or my children to eat fast food again and am going to find different outlets other then the grocery store to buy my meat.

I just don’t get how our food industry has become so corrupt and the government does not stop it? We can’t even pass a bill to allow the USDA to close down industries that test positive for ecoli, salmonella, and whatever else, constantly? Ridiculous! We need to fight the government and make them change the way all these processes are done. We need to allow smaller companies like they had back in the 50’s, 60’’s and 70’s so we as people have a choice. We keep giving the government all this power but we don’t fight hard enough when they are severely screwing up like they are with our food.

How these slaughter houses and farms abuse these animals is horrible. Not giving the chickens any light at all and the hidden camera shows the abuse that they get. Cows and pigs in their own feces all the time and they are so close to each other they can barely walk. Disturbing!

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How we slowed down our foreclosure…

We have been in our house for 2 ½ years well it has been in foreclosure. I figured I might as well share a little on how we have helped slow it down to take so long.

We were consistently 60 days behind our house payment for about 6-9 months. We were considering in January 2008 filing for bankruptcy and we were currently two months behind in our house payment. We had some awful things happen between January and March 2008 and we decided by April 1st that we were ready to declare bankruptcy and use the house in the bankruptcy as well. We then missed our April payment to make up a full 90 days behind and within a week we got foreclosure papers from the bank.

In May 2008 we filed bankruptcy and it took until July for us to get accepted into the bankruptcy court. Even though the house was already in foreclosure, filing bankruptcy brought that process to a screaming hault and the bank was forced to close the foreclosure until the bankruptcy was discharge. Discharging takes longer and even though we had court in July we were not discharged until October 2008. It took the bank until the end of November 2008 to send us paperwork again to start the foreclosure.

Well I can’t say that it is in any way “good” timing but for us it seemed to be good timing. Since the economy crash came on full force around the fall 2008 it took clear until July 2009 to get our first Sheriff Sale notice. So far we had been in our house now for a year and a half.

Obama passed a bunch of new housing laws and literally the day of the Sheriff sale the bank was forced to cancel it and send us an affidative to fill out and see if they could work out a deal with us to keep the house. Well it is now 9 months later and we got a second Sheriff’s sale notice in the mail and only because the bank lost our paper work we faxed to them 9 months ago. We sent in new paperwork almost 2 weeks ago and as we talked to the bank today they said that after they put in the information into their system they will then flag our account asking to have the Sheriff’s sale cancelled well they log in all our info. If it is accepted to stop the sale then it will take 12-14 weeks for them to review our paperwork and either work out something with us or put the house back up for Sheriff’s sale.

I am posting this because I am finding a lot of people in my life are going through or thinking about doing foreclosure and bankruptcy. If you want to milk it as long as you can file for bankruptcy as soon as you hit that 90 days or shortly after and let it takes its course as everything is really delayed right now and you could be in your house longer then we have been.

It is not that I want to live like this forever but since the bankruptcy we have $10,000 in medical bills hanging over our heads and I have been able to pay down half of it in just about a year and I could not have done that if we were making a mortgage payment.

I can’t wait to be back into a home that we own again someday and have our finances back to normal but for now this is how we have had to do it.

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