catnip/mint tea for teething

My poor 13 month old baby has had a horrible time cutting his two molars this last week and a half.  They are such hurtful teeth to push through.

He seems to get all the symptoms when he cuts teeth: fever, constipation, fussiness (of course).  He had a fever for 3 days and has not been able to go to the bathroom other then urine for almost 4 days.

My aunt and Uncle were here last week and they said to make him catnip tea with a pinch of mint tea in it with a dropper (1-2teaspoons).  Well it won’t hurt his so I gave it a try.  Here is what it looks like

Well they said it should make him “explode” about 30 minutes after taking it and then it would make him sleep all night.  It did not help him poop at all but it did help settle his stomach enough to get some good sleep.  Still up once or twice but far better then the once every 20-30 minutes he was before.
Has anyone tried this?
I then got rid of the catnip part and decided to give him straight up mint tea for the last 3 nights and he has slept pretty good.  They gave me mint tea after my c-section which helped a lot so i figured it should help him too.
He still had not pooped at all so I gave him a big thing of prunes and it seems to be helping a bit.  Mind you during this whole tea thing I have been feeding him fruit like it is going out of style, bananas, grapes, plums, you name it he has had it.  The fruit was not helping at all but the baby food prunes seem to be doing some good.
Poor baby!  Can’t wait for all his teeth to come in, so far we are at 10!

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Sometimes they just know

I have had a very hard week as I have been posting on my blogs.  Along with my back to exercising regimen I posted on my exercise blog, I am also feeling better all because of my 13 month old son. 

Kids are smarter then we give them credit for.  All morning long I have had one lovey little boy with constant hugs and kisses and it has been awesome.  Nothing like a hug and kiss from your baby to make you realize that not all is bad when things seem to be going downhill.  Thanks Brahnan, you are too sweet and I love you!

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This is so important to me I am posting this same post on all 3 blogs today, please help if you can, thanks!

It has been a few days since my last post and so much has happened.

Had my awesome Aunt and Uncle fro Oregon here.
Passed my license test so I am insurance licensed.

Found out that many people in my life are battling cancer right now. On of the 3 had surgery and they can’t remove it all. The second is not recovering well, and may not recover from the removal surgery, and the third is holding a fund raiser to pay for chemo that the insurance company won’t pay for (OK Obama, health care for everyone right? where is his?)

All in all I am doing OK, I am trying very hard, and somewhat coming through, with positive thinking right now. It is hard, people i love are suffering and there is pretty much nothing I can do.

If you have a FB account will you please look up and like “Watches for Junior” and buy a beaded watch he is making? This is one way they are trying to fund his chemo and he has a stage 4 brain tumor, he needs treatment NOW. I would appreciate any referrals to others who wish to help to. Send everyone you know the FB link please.

Well, off to cleaning the house, playing with the kids, and praying today.

Have a good day!

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Are you educated or opinionated?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean educated as in “Higher Education.” Anyone can be educated on anything as long as they take the time to 1. Ask a question. 2. Research the answer. 3. Find the RIGHT answer. This can be done as easily ad going straight to the “horse’s mouth” and asking.

I have found in my life that those that are way too opinionated and refuse to have any open minded conversation are usually the ones that have the loudest voices and feel they need to get defensive and yell or talk sternly to everyone while stating or yelling their opinion. It’s like their opinion is the only one that matters, ever.

I have also found that those who know how to become educated are those that will listen, with an open mind, and research for themselves to find the answer. It is at that point an educated person can have an intellectual and calm conversation with others. Just a note here: not everywhere you research is legitimate. Something I have always stayed clear from is Wikepedia and forums because anyone can add any opinion to those, and the biggest one, asking others instead of the person that needs to be asked!

Anyone can research, even a child. Children are actually the best at this, they ask questions all the time and if the rest of the children are like my 4 year old she will question my answer. What I have taught her is that it is OK to question my answer, but find a way to prove me wrong, legitimately and I will listen. Believe a 4 year can do this and I know of at least a dozen times my daughter and I have researched things together and many times I was mistaken and I have told her that and we learned together.

Have you ever had one of those friends that knows everything about everything? I swear I have those in my life and live with one. They will even argue with you that you’re wrong when you have the right answer starring them in the face because they can’t ever admit they may not know something?

I have 2 College degrees and I will be the first one to tell you that college does not make you smart. My degrees are in Exercise and Nutrition, what has that taught me about finance, law, medicine, etc. See where I am going with this? One thing college did teach me was how to FIND the right answer to anything. I am the queen of research. I will research something until I find an answer and then research again, and again.

When I was teaching college I researched my information every new term because I know that statistics change etc. You can’t depend on what you hear from other people who are not educated and you cannot depend on old research. Now a days old research is only a year or two old.

These past few weeks I have had to deal with a lot of negativity. People bashing and saying hurtful things before they even know what they are talking about. “Well my friend told me….” “I heard this from a friend of a friend…” Blah blah blah. Come on people, if you have known me for so many plus years and I have never steered you wrong before, what do you think I am going do? Seriously…you really think I am that kind of person. Especially to those people who have received free services from me and my husband for years, are you kidding me?

I believe that everyone comes in and out of your life for a reason. I love everyone I meet, even if for only a short time. Once I get to know them they may become harder to love but love is still there as everyone has a story.

My whole purpose of this post is a hope that people will learn how to educate themselves daily, on everything, instead of having a mind so closed that they cannot see any further in front of them then the nose on their face. I have also learned this week that it is OK to let go of some people in your life because if they are not willing to be your friend back when you need it and they say “ill” things about you to others behind your back, and then smile to your face, then why are you hanging on to that friendship? That is not a friendship. Friendship is two sided.

It is funny, but in my experience through life I have had more problems with this with the adults in my life than I had with my friends when I was young. I think it is because when we are young we still have an open mind and a hope to see something from all sides and not just one.

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Can he do it?

So mu hubby gets to be with the kids all day by himself.  When I say all day I really mean ALL day.  I have a convention and it is the butt crack of dawn and I am gearing up to head out the door and will not be back til around 11pm tonight.

He has been frustrated with the cleanliness of things lately, since we just moved in, as well as a couple other minor things as well.  Hmmmm, I think he will realize exactly what I do today, whihoo!

Maybe he will even think it is important to put the child locks on the kitchen cabinets.  I even left them out on the cupboard for him.  I am sure they will be on by the time I get home.

I love him and I am glad he gets a whole day with them because he needs it!  I need it!

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Shots = fever, yuck!

I know why I get the kids vaccinated, but the aftermath is not always the most fun.  Today my poor baby has a light fever, whiter than normal face, and is a little sore.  When he only gets 1-2 shots it is not too bad but 4 seems to be dragging him down a bit.  I think next time I will tell them not to give so many at a time and do 2 at a time. 

The positive side is that he is still extra cuddly, which I love, but wish it was just because he wanted to cuddle and not because he does not feel good.

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Poor baby got 4 shots today

My poor little one year old had to get 4 shots today and I feel so bad for him. He was in such a good mood before we went to the doctor too, and it broke my heart to take him.

It just breaks your heart when you have to hold their hand down as the nurse gives them the shots in the thighs and they look at you with that look of “what are you doing to me?” It makes me tear up every time.

He was such a little trooper and tired so hard to be happy for the rest of the day/evening but the poor little trooper just could not do it.

It was nice to be able to cuddle with him but he would get uncomfortable and sore and be mad when I was holding him and mad when I wasn’t.

After his second dose of Tylenol I put him to bed and he fell asleep in about 30 seconds at 7:30pm. I hope he sleeps all night and feels good tomorrow.

The things we do to our kids sometimes, makes you think!

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Saving my water damaged phone, anyone try this?

Well…I have had this phone since July and apparently you should not cook with your phone on the counter or take a shower with it in the bathroom because this can cause water damage.  of course this makes sense but why did I not think about it….the old phone were not affected by this.

Back in the  day of the first cell phones, before they became little computers, I would do these things with my phone and it would last for over 2-3 years.  Now I guess they are more sensitive.

I started a new job that gives me a discount on my phone service (22%) which is sweet for my monthly bill, however it takes two weeks once you register through AT & T for them to verify everything.  I can get a sweet new phone for $10 but it is $249 without the discount plan that my work gives me, argh!  I can’t wait 2 stinking weeks for a phone.

I was talking with the customer service agent and she said that a friend of hers likes to wash her phone quite  frequently and she turns the phone off and puts it in a bag of rice because rice attracts moisture and the hope is that it will take it out of the phone.

So here is my phone in a bag of rice, cross our fingers it works well enough to last me another 2 weeks.  The little square that is usually white behind the battery turns bright red when there is water damage.  Mine is bright red!  We will see the the button changes color after a few hours or a day in the rice.  I have attached the pic of the phone too and will take one after the trial time so we will know if it works.  She said it may have to be as long as 24 hours so if it does not do it today and will keep it in there all night!

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Shared my Mormon/Utah heritage with Ohio yesterday!

OK so those of you from Utah will understand but my fellow Ohioins looked at me quite funny during my class yesterday.

I stubbed my toe in the middle of the night Sunday night and my baby toe was so swollen that it hurt to wear shoes with a toe.  I decided that open toe slip on shoes would be best.

The problem was that my feet were freezing the day before in class due to the air conditioner being turned to way to “freaking” cold.  I could not go without socks.  So, I did what I could do and wore socks with my open toed slip on shoes. 

Ha ha it was funny the reactions I got when I walked into class and my reply….well if you ever lived in Utah you would understand.  I am showing my Mormon/Utah side today.  I tried to explain how in Utah it is very normal to see socks with sandals and they just did not get it.  So in the long run I guess I looked like a dork but didn’t really care as my toe felt better and I did not have to pee every 15 minutes due to cold feet. 

Oh well!  I guess we take a little from everywhere we live right!

A shout out to all my Utah friends and family!!

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Did I lose my identity when I became a Wife/Mom?

I have struggled with this time and time again as I was/am a very career oriented woman.

Looking back:

• I moved away from everything I knew to a state 1800 miles away to start a new career.

• I met my husband who lived 70 miles north of me and moved to him when we got married as he had a daughter who was under 18 and I did not want to take her away from seeing him as much as possible.

• I got married had a baby, quit my job and became a stay at home Mom.

• I LOVE being a stay at home Mom but suffered, and still a bit but better, with my identity as a career woman.

There is my history. I am my worst enemy when it comes to this as the only person who thinks that the identity is/was gone is me.

I have always strived for the degrees and the recognition but never understood that I could be totally fulfilled raising my kids and putting my career on hold.

For the first few years I resented my husband pretty much daily and felt like he took something away from me….my identity. What I have come to realize and am still realizing every day is that he did not take it away I just have a new one and that will change over the years as our kids grow and we all venture into new things.

I have realized as well, about myself that this is mostly a selfish attitude I am portraying. I am worried too much about me and was enjoying the wonderful life that is sitting right in front of me.

I have spent so many so many years focusing on me and my career that I have had a hard to seeing the other side of things.

I have finally started embracing my life, today’s life, and stressing over what I had, or chose, to give up. CHOICE being the key word.

It has taken a while but I am seeing the light and enjoying my kids, my husband, and beginning to celebrating my life!

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