Wig success!

Well the washing and conditioning of the wig with the bumble and bumble straight and the curlers in it for 3 days worked like a charm.  The damaged wig looked great and we had a great Halloween.  You CAN rescue a very damaged and knotted wig!  I did it!  Here is my beautiful snow white.

Here is a pic of just the wig after I took the curlers out
Looks good and is shiny!

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Another sleepless night!

My son goes back and forth, back and forth, when it comes to sleeping.  I think I have  him sleeping through the night and then we do not sleep for 2-3 nights.  it is very hard.  I had to pull out the play pen again last night and put it in the kitchen so we could try and get a little sleep and I hate doing that but what else can you do?

We don’t feed him, he is not pooping, and he is not sick anymore.  He literally stops crying the second you pick him up and immediately falls asleep in my arms.  He just wants to be held.  I would love to hold him all night but realistically that will not work so now we are back to the bait breaking AGAIN and trying to get him to sleep by himself all night.  He is 14 months old, it is due time!  I/WE are so tired!

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Whihoo, I made it to 100!

Thanks to all my wonderful followers I just hit 100 for this blog!  That is awesome!!!  I appreciate everyone out there who finds some joy in reading my posts.  Hope it helps.  Here is to 100 more!

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Why do returns take so long?

Why is it they charge me immediately for things but when they screw up and have to credit back my account or I return something it can take up to 3-5 days to show.  Even if I have them credit back my credit card immediately for something they rang up wrong it still takes days to show the return.

There have been times that I have had literally the amount in my account I need to spend and they screw up and then I get overdrawn because I have to wait for the return.

With technology being what it is and the fact that they can take my money immediately, there is not good reason why they cannot credit me back immediately.

This is my daily vent!

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Was getting rid of my home phone a good idea?

To save money we got rid of our home phone about a year ago.  Not having a land line has been nice because we only have one phone payment, the ring does not wake the kids up, and we always have our cell phones anyway so what was the point.

Well there is one flaw…teaching my daughter to call 911 in case of emergency.  What if my cell phone is not charged?  Biggest problem is that the newer the phones get the more complicated they are to dial on.  Has anyone tried teaching a 4 year old how to dial on a touch screen phone?  First you have to unlock the screen and then get to the keyboard and oops, you accidentally touched the wrong part of the screen and oops where did the keypad go?  Even if you have one with a keyboard they are not always user friendly either.

So now I go through my tote of old phones and look for an old school cell phone (and hope that i havae the charger somewhere) that is easy to call 911 on or I break down and buy a land line again?  Decisions decisions, what do you think?

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Attempt to fix the wig

I posted last week about getting help to fix my daughter’s snow white wig for Halloween.  My sister posted to wash it and condition it and then it should go back.  It did pretty good and is a lot smoother (I also put some bumble and bumble straight on it) but now I need to try and get the ends curled under again.  I can’t use a regular curly iron on the wig because it is cheap fake hair.  How can I get it to curl under and look neat again.


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Shopping for boys sucks!

Does any other mom’s out there go very frustrated with our retail stores?  I do!  I am sick and tired of walking into a children’s clothing store and having to walk clear in the back corner to find the 1 or  shelves they have dedicated to boys clothes.  I have to surf through 25 racks of girls clothes to get to 1 rack of of boys!

I use to love this when I only had a daughter, I could shop anywhere, anytime and find pretty much anything at the first store i went to.  Now that I have added a boy to our mix, this is not an easy task.

Thanks to Carters for actually having half a store full of boys clothes but they are not always convenient to go to.

Anyone else know of any other stores that actually sell boys clothes?  Any of you retailers?  If so can I make a request to get some more boys clothes int he mix.  Boys may not be bread to shop, but most woman want to shop and buy clothes and not just for their daughters.  I personally despise shopping but love to shop for my kids.

Happy shopping everyone!

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First popsicle!

I love these Popsicles because they are slow melt and very small, call them miniatures actually.  My daughter has been eating them for 3 years now and they do not melt fast and have very rarely have had to clean up any messes from them.  They are a bit more expensive then the cheap brands but worth the waste I have when she has a big Popsicle and they are awesome because they are slow melting.  They put a little gelatin in them and this keeps them a solid a bit longer.

It was just too cute not to post a picture of my 13 month old having one and he was NOT happy when it was gone at all.  I love Popsicles!

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Halloween costume help!

My daughter wants to be snow white for Halloween and i have the dress and the wig already but the wig has been around for a long time and looks horrible.  I brushed it our 3 days ago but it is frizzy and looks really bad.  Does anyone have a secret to making this wig look soft and combed again?

Here is what it looks like now, I have left it hanging here for 3 days hoping it would calm a bit but still frizzy and looks really bad.

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