Quitting the pacifier cold turkey!

Today is the day. It is the day I force my son to quit the pacifier aka “binky” cold turkey.

His last tooth (besides his 2 year molars) has come through this week so his teething days are pretty much over.  Now he just uses the binky as pure addiction and I am sick and tired of chasing it around the house.

I have put all the binkies up and he has been crying all day for one.  I feel bad but will feel worse if I have increased dental work and bill sin the future because he sucked on it too long.  I refuse to be one of those parents that has a toddler walking around with a huge binky in his mouth.  He will be 16 months in a few eeks and he has his teeth so now he can be off the binky well before 2 years old.

I will have to put up with a fussy baby for a few days but it would not take long to break the habit.  It may just take a few sleepless nights, but for those that have read my blog in the past, what’s the difference, he is not a good sleeper anyway, so I am out nothing!

I will keep you updated on the status and how many days it takes him to not “crave” the binky! For my husband and I, getting rid of them will be wonderful! They are a pain in the butt!

This face will be no more

This is the face I want to see,  binky free, it is so cute!

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Come blog hop with me this weekend

I hope that you will link up and make some new friends with my first annual weekend blog hop today through Sunday!
Who can’t use new friends?!
Only RULE: Follow the Host (ME) and my TWO Co-Hosts. We are the first 3 links on the hop!

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InterStim update, 50 days out!

It has been 50 days since my stage 2 InterStim surgery and today something really weird happened. Not bad but weird.

I have turned it up quite a bit over the past 50 days and it has been at a consistent 4.0 for about 2 weeks now.  I could feel it a bit but it did not hurt so I went with it. My doctor put me on a low dose of meds to try and help control the OAB even better but the meds did not help.  I am totally happy with the InterStim as I am about 70% better then I was before the surgery but of course I am looking for 100%.

I got out of the shower and had this annoying urge to have a bowel movement. It was weird, it was a pressure that was a little uncomfortable and I thought it was weird because I had had a couple already today. It did not feel right when I tried and I could feel the pulsating of the InterStim more than usual and I just felt like I needed to turn it off while I tried to use the restroom. I turned it off and after about 30 seconds the sensation went away. I turned it back on and the sensation to have a BM came back and so did the pulsating so I turned it off again.

I called my doctor and they lead me to the Medtronic rep who had me turn my InterStim down from 4.0 to 1.0. He said that it was most likely up to high and it was making my nerves go all funky. He told me that one of 3 things would happen.  I would have the same outcome as I did no 4.0 or it would be worse, or it will be better….duh! Isn’t there always 3 options, seriously!

Well anyway, it has been about 5 hours since I turned it down and I have been pretty much the same as I was earlier today minus the uncomfortable feeling.  The rep told me that if I need to turn it up .5 to wait it least 48 hours to do so to give my body a break.  He also talked me through the 4 different programs that are on my InterStim remote so if this program does not work before 4.0 I can switch to any other program and check it out til I find the perfect one for me.

Interstim Therapy for Urinary Control : Educational Video for Patients (Dvd)
I am still happy with my interStim as it is working great but can’t wait to see if it can work AWESOME!

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My daughters excursion with the camera

I gave my daughter permission to take some pictures with the camera and did not watch her taking pictures.  I am kind of glad I didn’t because it made me laugh when I put the memory stick in the computer.  I usually just go through and delete her pictures but I had to keep some of these this time.  This is the first time she actually got a picture of her face and she decided to do a whole photo shoot of herself.

I know, I know, it won’t be cute to everyone but what can I say?  I am a typical Mom and I think they are too cute not to share!

The first picture is definitely my favorite. Silly girl! Maybe I need to get her, her own camera for her birthday!



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Baby kisses are the best!

I just had to share my awesome 16 month old giving me kisses!  This is the best thing ever!  The feeling is so amazing the first time your child actually gives you kisses on purpose.  This started earlier in the day and he kept doing it all day long!  So much fun!

He woke up this morning and the first thing he did was lean up and give me a hug kiss right on my lips! I love this!

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Homemade Sushi!

I have had a few people ask for my homemade sushi recipe and it just so happens I had posted it on my health and fitness blog last year so thought I would share it here.  instead of rewriting it here is the link to that post on my other blog


It is quite a lot to rewrite and I don’t think I have the pics saved anymore so this is a lot easier to just forward you to my other post!

Please let me know if you try it and especially if you enjoy it!

I am making it again right now, we love it!

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Every kid poops in the bath!

Have you read the book Everybody Poops?  If  you haven’t you should check it out, it is cute and so true! 

I think that there should also be a book called, “Ever Kid Poops in the Bathtub!”  It does not matter how hard you try every child has got to get their parents with this one.  My daughter when she was young did it to me twice and my son today finally did his first.  You know its coming and there is pretty much nothing you can do but let the plug out and start over again, wash the bath toys and fill the tub again!

The upside (as there is always a silver lining) is that I did not have to waste a diaper on the poop.  It may be nasty to clean up but at least we saved a few cents on a diaper!

The boy sure was a lot happier after he did his duty!

I have said it before and I will say it again.  It is a good thing God made kids so cute because they might not survive some days if they weren’t!  Look at this little “stinker.”  How could you get mad at that face?!  He feels much better.

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Mommy has a Crystal Ball

Over the holidays I had my daughter convinced that Mommy has a crystal ball and I lend it to Santa for a couple weeks so he can check to see if she is being nice or not.  She has not forgot about this and it has been so funny.

Today’s conversation (one of many since Christmas)

Rae:  Mommy, does everyone have a crystal ball
Me:  No sweetie only Mommies do
Rae:  (thinks for a minute) Do Daddy’s have crystal balls
Me:  No sweetie only Mommies have crystal balls
Me:  But I lend it to Daddy a lot so he can use it when I am gone out for things.
Rae:  When I become a Mom will I have a crystal ball
Me:  Of course you will.  I will give you mine when you are 18
Rae:  OK Mom then I can see if you are being bad!
Me:  That is right sweety but Mommies are allowed to be bad when they are old!!

She is killing me with the crystal ball thing.  I can use it to my advantage all the time.  I know it won’t last forever so I am using it while I can!!

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The pacifier aka "Binky" bandit!

I looked and looked and looked for 2-3 days for the 2 missing binkies around the house.  I pulled out the sofa and love seat and everything daily.  It was frustrating.  This boy of mine loses binkies at a drop of the hat.  I don’t want to take him off his binky until all his teeth come in and I don’t want to have to buy them every other day so I was looking everywhere and getting frustrated.

I finally found them and where do you ask, well somewhere I passed over about a dozen times a day.  I don’t know if you can see them in the picture but here it is.

I was so relieved to find them in here and since then I check this toy all the time and probably find the binkies in here every other day or so.

Other places I have found binkies have been pretty much everywhere.  It is amazing how the little one can find such awesome hiding places that us as adults just can’t figure out.  I can’t tell you how many times I look for a few days and then out of the blue I see my son 2 and 3 fisitng binkies and I take them all away but 1 and 10 minutes later he has another one.  I either have 1 binky for days or 6.  It is really quite a game around here.

My daughter was a thumb sucker so this binky thing is new to me.  At least with the binky I can get him off cold turkey a lot easier then my daughters thumb.  I did get her of her thumb in 9 days though.  Search my blog in my side bar and you will find my thumb sucking remedy.

Two more teeth and this binky is gone!

I would love to hear from other parents who have found binkies is strange places!

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If you think your garage door sensor is fool proof…DON’T

I have been guilty of assuming that the garage door sensor will work without me worrying about it or checking it.  I have even let my daughter run under the door when it is going down because I figured “the sensor will stop the door.”  This is probably not the smartest thing to do and I have learned my lesson and thank goodness I did not have to learn this lesson in a worse way.

How do you like this roll of box tape?

If you think this is not big deal, it’s just tape, let me give you the story.
The garage door did NOT go back up after it hit the tape, I had to re-open the door to remove the roll of tape, it was stuck big time, I could not budge it.  This same garage door in the past has went back up for piles of snow that got place under the sensor from shoveling and these piles were not more than an inch to tow inches in height and not much longer than that.  This garage door sensor has worked for a polly picket doll in the past as well so this tape should have more then stopped it.
Lesson learned, no way in Helena Montana will I let my kids run under the garage door again when it is going down.  You never know when the sensor will just NOT work!  It’s a machine, it can break or just not work correctly at anytime and I will not take it for granted again.
Some might think I am being extreme but I don’t think so.  Better safe then sorry!

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