My prayer to the Universe today!

Dear Universe:
I need your positive strength to not let myself get down and frustrated today. Stumbling into a few obstacles this week and trying my darnedest to keep my head held high and not let it bring me down.

I know I am on the right track with my positive life and know that there is a reason for everything and this too shall pass and will not affect my journey in any way.

I WILL succeed and I WILL prevail!

Every negative day is in the past and by tomorrow today will be history and only positive days are ahead of me! I am truly grateful for today and every day I can make a positive difference to myself, my family and others. I pray that others in my life can see that and let me help them make the same positive influences.


With all my heart and love

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had to change up P90X week 4, just a bit

I always write my posts on the actual day I workout but due to, well…life, I do post them sometimes not he actual day and sometimes a day or two off. If you have been reading my posts and doing that math from week 3 to week 4 you are probably asking yourself “this makes no sense.” Well you are right it is a little off.I mentioned before about being excited that my hubby is working out with me and in order for that to happen I had to make a small adjustment.
I was on a regular week before, starting Monday so rest day was on Sunday. Well he did not start working out with me on a Monday, but actually a day or two later. He goes out of town for work once a week so it did not make sense to have my rest day on Sunday but rather on Thursday. He is in the car a very long time on Thursday’s. So I had to adjust it to keep us on the same track because he will not stay on it if I am not doing it with him, so I had to skip about 2 days of week four and start where we could have rest day on Thursday.The old me would have been frustrated and not allow my schedule to be tampered with and then things would have gone “south” from there. The new “me” thinks to myself, “2 days of week 4 will not make a huge impact, no big deal.” I am looking at the bigger picture (finally) in my life. So now my weeks start on Friday and rest on Thursday. No big deal right? This way we only have to work out by ourselves on Wed and every once in awhile on Tuesday.

Why do I post this? Well it is easy to find any excuse and any obstacle we can to make us quit. Sometimes our subconscious is just looking for that excuse so we can pretend we don’t have to blame ourselves for quitting. I will not do that again. This is no big deal and I still feel great and am seeing awesome results!

Happy Thursday everyone, it is my day of rest!

The SAFE way to cut lettuce!

I just have to share this because I am the QUEEN of cutting the tip of my thumb almost every time I cut lettuce. I cut lettuce almost daily in our house and my poor left thumb tip pretty much has not feeling left in it. I tried to take a picture of it, but it is hard to see. If you can you can see a little white spot on it and that is where I about cut the whole tip of.

This is the clearest close up pic I could get.

Anyway…you may be laughing at me and saying “seriously Tawna why are you posting this? Well…I found the most awesome lettuce cutter and it does not hurt or draw blood when I cut myself and I figured I can’t be the only one that does this. I just happened to run into this int he grocery store a few months back and knew I HAD to have it. Here it is

How awesome is this? I am serious I love it. I don’t even know what it is called but it is plastic! I am pretty sure the company should call this the “Tawna cutter” because my husband has had blood free salad for awhile now and that makes me happy!

It really does work well for lettuce too. The other plus is that the salad does not turn brown as fast because you are not touching the lettuce with metal. When you use a regular knife something happens that causes the metal knife to make the salad turn brown faster. I believe this was only like $3. This is probably the best $3 I have ever spent!

If anyone knows what the knife is actually called leave it in a comment! I found it on amazon and posted the link! It’s called a “lettuce knife” novel idea!

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Have a wonderful day and happy cutting!


Leading by example!

You have always hear, as I have, “lead by example if you want people to follow!” I think we seem to forget this and it is sad because I truly believe that this is the best way to get people in the direction you want them to be in.

For our children, we want them on the right paths right? Well….if we as parents are not on the right path than how can we expect our kids to be on one. We don’t want our kids to do things that will harm themselves like drinking too much, smoking, etc. This list could go on forever right? If we are dong the things we do not want our kids to do then why do we get upset at them and punish them when they do exactly what they see?

I have spent a lot of my time as a mother and a wife trying to get my family to realize how important being healthy is. For me this has been a lifelong struggle JOURNEY. I can’t say the word “struggle” anymore, because I am not a victim. I say the word “journey” because everything happens for a reason and leads me to my destination.

So what have I been doing to influence my family? Working out every day and cooking healthier food. My children have been exposed to every day exercise and now my oldest one asks to workout with me all the time. If you have been keeping up at all on my P90X workouts you will see videos of the kids playing around with me.

The biggest one that I have been very proud of this week is my husband. He has been a tough one and I have nagged and nagged him to workout and get healthy with me for years. I finally realized this last month that it was the nagging that kept him from dong it. I think that sometimes we want something so badly that we forget that we can push people away if we just say it once and than shut-up about it and let them come to it when they are ready.

It was when I stopped nagging and simply let him see me working out and being healthy that he came to me and for the past week we have been workout buddies which has been way awesome! I wanted this so much and when I laid off of him, he decided to come on into my world.

Last night I had to have him workout on his own due to a late meeting I had and when I came home he was doing it. I was kind of afraid that he would not do it without me but I let him make that decision and he did it.

I am not perfect, believe me, but I am learning. A lot of it (most of it actually) has come from my life changing journey. The journey I started just about a year ago and I am changing my negative outlook to more positive. It has helped me with my relationships, money, raising kids, and the biggest…self esteem! If you are interested in knowing what that is head over to my other blog and start reading from the beginning My life has changed drastically int he past year.

Any way, this post has gotten way too long but I just have to much passion for what I am doing I needed to share it.

Happy eating and exercising!

Your friend

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The Secret Movie Giveaway

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P90X 1st day of week 4 Core Synergistics, measurements and updated picture!

Wow! I have to say that the last 3 weeks of P90X have been hard but so awesome (despite the yoga, but I am getting there on the yoga).Today is day 1 of week 4 and it is also the very first time I have ever done Core Synergistics. I have to say out loud “OH MY @%*L! I loved it, even though I dripped sweat all over my stinking mat, and it was seriously the work out that tested me big time.Going back a few days:

I took the P990X workouts with me on mine and my husband’s romantic weekend getaway because I was NOT going to stop doing them. It is way too easy to stay stopped. My hubby was not on the P90X welcome wagon with me so I knew I would be doing this myself.

I woke up the first morning (Saturday) and he basically watched me do one. The next morning he decided to do the Kenpo work out with me and he LOVED it!

We then ventured to wal-mart and I found a pull up bar there for $20 and he is like “we should get this.” Me: “uh OK.” So now I have a pull-up (and have yet to do 1 but working on it).
He was excited and we have worked out doing the P90X every day together since. I have to wait until 9pm at night so he can work out with me, but I tell you, I sleep like a baby afterwards and it is awesome to have someone to work out with.

I have always wanted him to work out with me and it was this time he wanted to, because I did not bug him or push him into it, he just wanted to!

Now to the present:

Here are my measurements

1-31-2011 Day 1 of P90X
Day ONE measurements
Bust: 41 inches
Under bust: 36 inches
Waist: 41 inches
C-section scar: 42 inches
Hips: 44 3/4 inches
Thighs (1): 24 3/4 inches
Arm: 12 inches

The beginning of week 4 of P90X!

Bust: 40 1/2 inches                          Loss 1/2 inch
Under bust: 35 3/4 inches                Loss 1/4 inch
Waist: 40 3/4 inches                        Loss 1/4 inch (this has been a long time coming)
C-section scar: 41 3/4 inches           Loss 1/4 inch
Hips: 44 1/2 inches                          Loss 1/4 inch
Thighs (1): 24 1/2 inches                  Loss 1/4 inch (I see a pattern here, don’t u)?
Arm: 12 1/4 inches                          Gain 1/4 inch of pure muscle baby!

Total loss in 3 weeks of P90X= 2 inches!

2 inches rocks and even better I am loaded with energy and I feel great!!!!!!!

I did measure like 3 times because the 1/4 inch being repeated was freaking me out! I love the fraction 1/4 today!

I will keep you posted after my week for, recovery week, recovery my butt the first workout was intense!

My picture with the 2 pound loss

Still a ways to go but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Definitely look better in clothes!! LOL

Have a wonderful Day!


Lemon and/or Lime juice for health

My sister asked me a question last week about drinking lemon and/or lime water to help with clearer skin, increasing metabolism, lowering blood pressure and cleansing the blood.

I think she expected a short answer (well she does know me so maybe she hoped for a short answer) but you know I can’t do that. I have to research first. So Twyla, here you go!

First off, before I give my educated opinion, I have to tell you that there is a ton of information on this on the Internet but not a ton of actual legitimate information. Meaning, more then what people post on opinion boards, forums, etc. When I say legitimate source, I mean any web site that ends in edu or gov. I do not ever pass along information that I find on non edu and gov sites. Edu and gov sites actually post true and actual case studies, not moms, dads, or grandmas opinions. This is why no one ever gets ridiculous e-mail forwards from me either, because they are 99.9% a HOAX!

A common misconception that people are buying into is that citrus fruits in general, but especially from lemon and grapefruit, can boost your metabolism. There have not been actual studies that have shown any citrus fruit boosting your metabolism all on its own. However, this does not mean that they do not help boost metabolism, over all. What I mean is…if you eat a healthy diet and include fruits then your metabolism will love you and run at a higher rate. Note that I said “eating a healthy diet.” You can’t eat pizza and pasta, and fat all the time and then throw in some citrus and be rest assured that your metabolism is going to compensate, because it most likely won’t.

Acne: Lemon juice has been linked to help dry out very mild to moderate cases of acne. Drinking it has not shown as much success but there have been a handful of lemon based creams that have helped dry out the acne. Most of them to not recommend putting on your entire face and this can cause over drying of your skin and then in turn, because more acne, as your oil glands will try to over compensate for the excessive drying. This is why the cheap store bought cleansers do not work well either, they over dry and cause your skin to break out more.

On a personal note, I have found that I have about 50% less acne then I did before and the only way I wash my face is with a wash cloth and bar soap. I use Dove light exfoliating soap, and my acne has been much better. I used to use, every over the counter acne wash they have had too. I also still get acne in my late 30’s!

If you are allergic to gluten this can cause swelling and a side effect of swelling is acne. Most people do not even know that they are allergic to gluten, as it can be mild in some, and just eliminating gluten can help skin dramatically. Sorry beer drinkers, this is huge for you!

Drinking small amounts of real lemon/and or lime in you water will not hurt and MAY help you skin become clearer and be healthy for you, just not large amounts, and not in every glass. I say may because unless you are following all the other healthy recommendations in your life, you will most likely not see any effect of the lemon/lime water

Some considerations and precautions.

Citrus can eat away your tooth enamel and drinking too much can cause your teeth to become very sensitive and hurt. Brushing after you drink the water will help. You may also want to avoid drinking the lemon/lime water right before bed as some have noted they had added reflux at night due to the citrus and they have woke up with heart burn.

Other things that cause acne

Soda, yes even diet! Carbonated water does NOTHING for you period! Get rid of it! I could do a whole other post about soda.

Smoking: Smoking damages the skin, period. If you want to help your skin look healthier, tighter, and just better, then lose the smoking. It does not matter what creams, or food you eat as smoking will tend to override pretty much anything healthy you do for the skin.

My sister did mention that her cigarettes tasted horrible when she drank the lemon/lime water. I am not entirely sure why this is happening but maybe it is a good thing. My guess is that the body is loving the citrus and not loving the cigarettes. I can’t find any solid answer for this.

Blood cleanser: Citric acid likes to bind to calcium and this can help with the prevention of clotting.

Vitamin C has been shown to sometimes help with anemia but for the most part anemia can be treated with iron and B12.

As a blood cleanser citrus fruits definitely can help but again, if your diet is a high fat, high starch diet, so in other words, not healthy, the fruits may not help at all as the bad foods will over power your arteries and veins and the citrus won’t do much.


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P90X week 2 yoga and I DID IT, all of it!

I am writing these posts on the actual day of working out but they will most likely be post a day(s) later due to other posting opportunities.Week one of yoga X was very difficult and I did not make it more then 60 minutes but today I finished the whole stinking hour! I had some run-ins with myself but I overcame and finished the entire 90 minutes. I am so proud of myself.I will say that after my 90 days of P90X is over, I will not stop dong yoga here and there but I am going to invest in some shorter work outs of it. I can keep the other P90X work outs at their regular length but the yoga will just be in smaller doses but I don’t want to quit getting better at it!

It did help to have my Continue reading