Homemade syrup, great when you are in a pinch!

We were out of syrup last weekend. I forget to buy it all the time because I only allow it in our house to be eaten one day a week and that is on Sunday’s.
Instead of running out the door to the store I just threw together a quick batch of easy syrup to get us through for the morning German Pancakes. This is all you need:
Brown sugar
Imitation vanilla

 Mix even parts of the sugar and water and whisk together.
Bring to a boil and turn heat off and then add 1 tsp vanilla

Then I decided to poor it into the empty syrup container but you can serve from the pot if you want

It is rather runny but it does the job in a pinch. It is not my favorite to eat all the time but like I said it does work when you need a quick resolution.
This is something I learned growing up. We were quite poor so we ate this syrup a lot. I think it would be a lot better if there was a better way of thickening it other then adding corn syrup to it, plus it makes it so sweet!
Anyone else have a homemade syrup recipe that I could try next time? If so please share it with me. I will add it in a new post to and link back to your blog!
Have a wonderful day everyone
Thanks for stopping by!

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My kids a mirror image of me/us…..YES!

It is funny and exciting to see how your kids grown up and the things that they do. We think “aw where did they learn that?” Well…..from us!
I got a couple of cute snapshots this week of my kids and one looks just like his Dad and the other looks just liker her Mom! Can you guess which?

I had to laugh because both were engrossed in the TV when I got the pictures. My daughter was even sitting like I do. She has hot chocolate though,not coffee of course and my son…it took 3 pictures and me standing in front of him for him to even notice I was there. That is his Dad to a “T!”

I don’t complain about this because we have become a pretty active family in the last year so our kids actually sit on the couch a whole lot less then before and most of the time we are running and playing. This is too funny to see little mini me’s.

Thanks for reading today!
Have a wonderful Wednesday, it’s hump day!

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Watch your Bill Payments like a Hawk! They may not be going to your account!

DOWN THE  Photobucket

There have been 3 times in the last 7 days that I have found out that my payments towards some of my medical bills were being paid into a big pool and not to my accounts.

I have collections on 2 of the 3. One was suppose to be on a payment plan and I did not know for the last 17 months it was NOT.
I have received NOTHING in the mail at all, not even a bill. I just assumed I must have signed up for paperless bills so I did not worry about it. I knew the amount was going to take me a long time to pay off so I just let it go.

Another doctor changed who takes his payments and my checks were getting forwarded to, who knows where. No one can find them. Third account, well I paid it in full and got a collecitons letter today. Called, research etc and found that it is just going to the hospitals big pool. Not credited to any account in particular just the hospitals bank account. My information is on the checks including my acccount number so I ask “What is the problem?!”

Just thought I would spread the word to my fellow friends. Make sure you check the status of your accounts constantly! Open EVERY letter and read everything. You never know if you have or will be in the same boat as me.

My credit score is down a ton because of one of the hospital accounts in particular and it should not be affecting me negative at all. Now I am fighting to get it off my credit and act like it was never there. How easy do you think that is…NOT!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Happy bill paying!!! ha ha!


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FEE Way or FREE way…Hmmmmm

It may have been a slip of the tongue but after my daughter said this it made me think, hmmmm what a better name to call it! This is just one of those totally random thoughts of the day!

We were driving to my friends house on our anniversary to drop the kids off at my friends house so we could go out to dinner. My daughter, who will be 5 in 2 weeks, said “Mom, why is the Fee Way always so crowded. My husband and I both chimed in “honey it’s a Free way, not a Fee way.” Then the light bulb went off in my head!


OK so there has been construction on this freeway since 2001 as far as I know and I am sure there has been construction on it before then too. It seems that they do something to it and then as soon as they are done they start all over again!

We have freeways that are toll roads, hence the fee! So this is my thinking process. If our taxes keep paying for us to drive on slow crowded free ways, and we have to pay to drive on other free ways, wouldn’t Fee Way be a better name? Seriously….I think I am going to start calling them Fee Ways!

OK there you go! Like I said, it may have just been slip of the tongue but you know, it sure does make sense!!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Children’s book review and GIVEAWAY!

I have met many wonderful blogging friends over the last couple years and I am very excited to highlight one of them today!
I met Cathy Kennedy a few months ago and received an autographed copy of her new children’s book
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes. I was so excited because how cool is it that my son is getting an autographed book from a wonderful writer and now she is my friend!
Anyway, after I received the book I read it to both my children and they and I both LOVED it!

The story is about two young sisters who visit their Grandparents in the woods of West Virginia. Grandma tells them a story about a black panther she had a run in with when she was young, which she calls “‘Ole Green Eyes.” This story is actually based on a real encounter Cathy’s Grandma had in West Virginia when she was young.
The story is set in the Appalachian Mountains, near the Grandparents home. After the two children bake some cookies and go on a picnic with their grandparents they decide to head out for a little adventure on their own into the woods. Could they have the same run in as their Grandma did when she was young?
This book consists of 25 pages of illustrations done by Leann Vineyard Cooper. It is a quick read and kept my children very interested in the outcome of the two sisters’ adventure.
Cathy Kennedy has offered TWO of my readers their own autographed copy for FREE.
Ships to US or Canada only.
That is not all. Cathy has also generously offered another THREE readers a purchase price of $5, flat rate with FREE shipping for her book.
Again, US and Canada only.
I hope you will take time to enter this giveaway. This book is truly great and I am excited to have it as a positive addition to my children’s library.
Giveaway will END on April 8, 2011 11:59 EST
Leave a separate comment for EACH entry and make sure to leave you e-mail address in every comment!
Mandatory entry (2):
1.  Visit Cathy Kennedy’s web site web site and come back and tell me you did.-1 entry
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Extra entries:
1.  Follow this blog via e-mail ( and verify)-2 entries
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Winners will have 48 hours to claim prize from the time they are notifies via e-mail.

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OK so if my 5 year old get’s it then why is it so hard for many others in the world!

We were taking a little walk to the post office the other day and for the most part our city is pretty clean but there is about a 1/4 mile or so closer to the post office that seems to always have it share of trash thrown everywhere. Not sure why it is that particular spot but it is always there.

There was one piece of trash in particular that instigated this whole post….a cigarette butt. Why you may ask? Well…my daughter was trying to pick it up! Ewwwww….gross I know but she did have her reason.

Littering Sign Pictures, Images and Photos
We met a couple, very nice actually, on the corner waiting for the light to change so we could walk across. They happened to be smoking and I was trying t to be rude but I did not want my kids right in the middle of the smoke and was happy the light changed quickly. They walked in front of us and as we came upon the next corner the guy threw his finished cigarette on the sidewalk. My daughter immediately bent over to pick it up and I told her “don’t touch it!” For one it was still lit and that would hurt and the other we were right on the corner of a busy street, and lastly, we don’t know where that guys hands of been!

She proceeded to say, very loudly, “Well Mom, I live in this town and he just littered it up, I want to throw it away!” At first I said “shhh be careful what you say out loud.” Then after I said that I told her, “i am sorry, you are right that was wrong and you do deserve a clean city. The cigarette butt is almost in the street and still burning, I wanted you to be safe and not pick it up.” We were half a block away from this time and if I could do it different I would. I would have stepped on the stinking butt and wrapped it in a baby wipe and thrown it away for her. Why is it that we (I) as an adult are worried of what our kids will say when what they are saying is true. Why should be be OK living in a dirty world just because we are scared to piss off those littering it up!

We have picked up trash before and thrown it away, this situation just seemed different to me at the time.

What my 5 year old said makes you think doesn’t it? She is 5 and I am pretty sure the guy who threw the butt was at least 25 years old. You would think that another 20 years of life experience would teach him not to litter. 

I am not trying to offend smokers, believe me, I am sick and tired of all the litterers thinking its OK to throw their trash out for others to pick up. News flash, it doesn’t just disappear someone is being your Mother and cleaning up after you. AND this is not always happening either and that is why there are certain places with a whole lot of trash.

This is our world, why don’t we treat it with respect and use the trash can, the ash trays in our cars, etc. that are meant to be used!

Thanks for letting me share my opinion today!
Happy Thursday to everyone!


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Did we ever survive without cell phones? Where the heck is cell phone etiquette?

Cell phone etiquette…is there any. I am so sick and tired of people answering and using their phones at inappropriate times. Yes..there are inappropriate times for a cell phone (it least I think so).

Have any of you been out with someone and as soon as you sit down, SMACK, the cell phone gets put on the table. “Hmmm, I guess they are waiting for a better offer,” is what I always think of.

I get that if you have kids at home and you want the babysitter to be able to check in with you then that is OK but don’t answer every stinking text and call from everyone else when I am with you. I used to do this and after a few times it just hit me “I am being so rude!” so I have stopped. I especially do not even take it our if my hsuband is with the kids because if an emergency arises than he is quite capable of taking care of it. I always tell hime where I am at so if it is a dire emergency then he can get ahold of me. Isn’t that how we did things 205 years ago before phones?

I can’t stand going out with those who are text addicted. I find myself watching them text, laugh, and entertain themselves more with their phone than with me. OK so if I am so boring than please do not ask me to go anywehre anymore because I don’t want yu to sacrifice your time from your “real” friends.

I have actually started turning my ringer off and charging my phone in the other room in the evening and not worrying about who is texting me when I am watching movies with the family, playing games, etc. No on else is more important than them!

Another big pep peeve i have is talking on the phone while getting help from customer service in a store OR while checking out. come on people..really?! Are you so important that you have to take a call in the middle of a conversation? There is this feature called “missed a;;” or “voice mail.” Use it.

Now when there are times I have tried and tried to get ahold of someone and they do call I ignore the call and call them right back. If I am on one line and they ring through the other line I will say “Oh I have been trying to get ahold of this company all day, can I call you back?” However, if it is just another friend etc I say “oh that is just so and so, I will call them back late.” That way my friend I am talking to does not feel less important then the call coming through.

All I am saying is that there are right and wrong times to be addicted to your phone. It kills me how many times I just watch people and see this happening all over. I just wish that etiquette for phones would come back and that people would be more mindful of other people!

Have a great day!


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So I am getting invites to this and am wondering if tis is legit. Anyone heard about this company VirtaPay?

I did sign up, because I did not have to put in any secure informaiton about myself so I knew that nothing like a bank account, SS#, Credit Card, are connected. Anyone heard good or bad about this paying system? It is not launched yet but they claim that you will be able to shop on line and pay with them, like you do with paypal.

I would like any information anyone has on this.



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Why I make the best JELLO ever!

I do not like it when jello gets that chewy bottom too it at all, you know like the jello jigglers? I have had so many times int he past where the bottom of my jello sets like that and if I scoop the jello out of the container and forget, and scrape the bottom, I about gag when I get that nasty chewy part.
It took me a lot of years but I finally came up with an easy solution and it minimizes and actually most of the time, makes that nasty chewy layer non-existent.

First I add the jello into a container, like normal and add the hot water (bubbling and boiling!)

I let it sit there, after I stir it, for 3-4 minutes and then stir it again and add the cold water, like you are suppose too. The only difference I do is then poor it into another bowl!

When I poor it into the new bowl I notice in the first bowl and grainy layer on the bottom of the container that part of the sugary part just does not seem to dissolve, hence it turns into the nasty chewy part.
After it set I still may experience the nasty layer there but if I eat this jello within a few days time it does not seem to be there at all. Any jello gets harder the longer you let it sit, I just do not like mine that way from square one.
OK so there you go! That is my cooking tip for the day!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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