Insurance update

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OK so remember when I posted that the insurance company denied my surgery which was about $52,000 and they were actually trying to get my doctors office to send them a refund? Well….I got a call today. It went to voicemail as I do not answer any 800, 877 or 866 numbers due to all the telemarketers that can call your stinking cell phones now (yes I am on the do not call list but they still call).
 Anyway, the voicemail said “this message is for Tawna, this is your insurance company calling about the incident you called about last week, we want you to know that your owing balance is ZERO!” This is me (picture a jaw drop to the ground and the dumb look on my face. I thought I had to pay 20%? I am not going to argue. I guess I reached my out of pocket, I don’t really care but they paid!!! Whihoo! So glad it worked out!!

Have a great day everyone!


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Do you watch TV episodes online?

Here is a random thought today.

So I watch some TV episodes online because we do not have cable, DISH etc or a DVR so there are a handful of things I like to watch online.

When you choose to watch something online you have the option of watching it in the normal Internet window or you can make it full screen. Full screen is definitely the better choice.
For some reason ABC thinks they need to flip it from full screen to the regular screen during commercials and every time the commercial is over you have to take the mouse and click full screen again.

So why do I blog about this…well…we have out computer hooked up to our big screen TV so this drives me nuts! I may be sitting with my kids, cuddling etc and I have to move myself to adjust it to full screen. Now there are other stations that do not do this and I really appreciate it. One of them is NBC. If I chose full screen from the beginning with NBC then it stays there the whole stinking time. ABC I love you but get a clue please!

K, thanks for listening today. I know this is really not a big deal but it does bug me and I had to share!!


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Walmart almost ruined Easter…Rude!

It has taken me 4 days to write this post! I guess enough bitching and moaning finally made my husband sick of me talking and he finally reloaded my computer. Back on and it works awesome now!!! Thanks babe, I love you!

Well I went to Walmart today and bought the things I needed for my kids Easter baskets. I bought a real cute outfit for my 5 year old, some candy, crayons, paints, and 2 Lightning McQueen sippy cups for my 18 month old.

Don’t they look cute?!

 I called my husband upstairs to help me fill the eggs we were going to hide and to check out the Easter baskets. He proceeds to pick up the sippy cups and then asks “did you already let Brahnan use this?” I laughed and said “are you kidding?” He said, “it has teeth marks on it!” I said “WT…” Low and behold there are freaking teeth marks on one of the cups. Mind you I took this out of the plastic seal myself and yes there are definitely teeth marks! It is hard to see in the picture but if you look close you can see them.

It was now 10:30pm Saturday night and I had to get something in his basket. He is only 18 months old, so he would not know if I took him into Walmart myself tomorrow and exchange them but I have a 5 year old that would very much question her brothers lack of Easter basket or why we are gong to Walmart to exchange what the Easter Bunny brought. I then decided I needed to go to Walmart myself, which is a 14 minute drive one way, but I had to go.
I got there and went to walk in the front door and the greeter immediately says “we no longer take returns after 10:00pm.” I said “you have got to be kidding me, I need these exchanged tonight, they are for my sons Easter basket.” He said “sorry can’t help you.” I said “uh, get a manager because your store sold me a used cup and Easter is in the morning.” He would not get me anyone to try and get this taken care of. Of course I left the store all sorts of pissed off. Now it is almost 11:00pm and I have just about $5 left in my bank and now I have to go buy some freaking cups or something to go in my sons basket. Do you think I would even think about buying it at Walmart, oh hell no.
So I drive 12 minutes back towards my house and stop at another store, Meijer, as there was no way in Helena Montana that I was giving Walmart anymore money. They did not have Lightening McQueen but they had Toy story and they were .98 cents less so I went with them. I brought them home, put them in the basket and Easter was a success.
Went to Walmart today (Monday after Easter) and took the cups back. I complained and they did not care. I told them “I understand the whole 10pm thing but this was not my fault and the return should have been mad after 10pm.” She said “it comes from corporate, we can’t change it.” I said I realize that but you guys sold me USED CUPS, how is that policy, you are NOT a USED store!” Of course she was speechless. I then said “so if I buy something again that is defected and I need it immediately and it is after 10pm at night then you don’t care?” She said, “it comes from corporate there is nothing I can do.”
This is such BS. If I was just being a pain in the ass and just wanted to change the cups then you know, screw me, and come back the next day. My point is, they freaking sold me a USED cup and they are acting like it is my fault and I am putting them out! I so deserve more then my money back. I deserve gas money for the 2 extra times I had to drive there and an apology, JEEZ! Where has customer service gone?! I just don’t see it anymore anywhere!!
Thanks for coming by and reading my long awaited post!
Happy shopping everyone and happy belated Easter!

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I am featured in MIKA Magazine’s, First issue!!

This is MIKA magazine’s first issue and I am featured on TWO pages, so cool! You have to download it but it is FREE and safe. I just did and was looking for a paragraph or two of our interview and BAM 2 pages, wihhoo! I hope you will downland it and check it out! There is a magazine link and then you have to click on This issue and it takes you to the download. You have to have adobe reader and if you don’t they have a link for you to get it for free. I hope you will share this with all your friends for the mere reasons that I am excited about it! i get to feel special for the day!

Make sure you un-check the google toolbar when you hit download adobe reader if you don’t want it!

Sorry for those that follow on my multiple blogs as this is being posted on all 3 today!



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Rain Rain Go Away, Flood again another Day!

Seriously, it has been raining for week now here in OH. Does this look like our ground needs anymore water!


Our grass around here has been so soaked for weeks, it is just nasty all the time. In fact, there have been a time or two when we went like 2 days without rain and I think,yay I will mow…then…I get the lawn mower out and ready to go and, mud! It just has not had time to dry out!
Yesterday was one of those nice days so my hubby made my daughter a tire swing and she is so excited but it is pouring so hard she can’t go out and play so this is what she has to stare at, out of the window, all day. Poor girl!

Hopefully she will get to enjoy this swing soon! We wish we could afford an entire swing set but can’t so this was the cheapest thing we could think of. I like it though. Now if we can just get a slide some how we will be good!
Have a wonderful day everyone. If you have sun, I am jealous!!

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No more co-pays for well visits!

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My friend Michelle calls me every week or so on her way to work and we just so happened to get on a conversation about children’s well visits. I was taking both my kids in today for their well car visit, so I am sure that is how it started.

Anyway…did you know that there are no more co-pays on preventative care? Sweet!!!
I actually called and verified with my insurance company (not the one that is trying to take back my money for surgery, but our new one) and they verified that there are no more co-pays.

So I went into the doctor today and when I checked in the front office clerk said “$40 co-pay please.” I said, “I don’t think so, would you like to verify with my insurance company that this has changed since Jan. 1 2011?” She quickly said “NO, that is OK.”

So my question is….was she hoping I did not know that? Is this something some doctors offices are doing now? Are they seeing how many people actually no about it and charging them if they do not say anything?

My friend Michelle works in a big hospital and that is how she knows it and relayed it to me. There is now way that the front office girl did not know that seeing that is near the end of April and this bill was signed in Sept 2010 and in force since Jan 1st.

Anyway, I am very happy that the co-pay is gone for preventative care! There are still co-pays for ill appointments but that is cool with me since we usually don’t ever have ill appointments!

If you have not heard of this please call your insurance company today and verify so you are not being charged when you are not suppose to be!

Peace everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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What the heck am I going to do, this is bad, very bad?!

I just have to vent here because I am beyond speechless (well I guess not totally speechless)!

I got a letter from my previous insurance company saying that my claim has been denied. I had InterStim surgery done on Dec 7, 2010 and it was suppose to be covered. I actually told my urologist before the surgery that I could not do it, if it was not covered. They told me “we will not do it if it is not covered.” I said OK, so you will send it through my insurance and if it’s denied you will tell me?” they said “yes!”

Everything was fine and good to go. I had the surgery done and I figured everything was fine. I even called the hospital to make payment arrangements for my 20% and they said that the bill had not come through yet so I could not start making payments yet. Now it is April and still not set.

I got a letter today that said it had been DENIED! OMG,
I just sat there with my jaw to the floor. There was a hug number for what I owe and it is just above $52,000!! yes you read that right 52K!

I immediately called my urologist and they said they got paid back in Feb and to call my insurance so I did. As it stands now she said they actually requested the money back from my doctor and she could not make heads or tails of the “vague” notes on my account. I simply told her, there is no way I can pay this, I was assured the surgery would not be done if it was not covered.

Now I wait for a call back from the insurance company. What am I going to do if I have to pay the $52,000?! Hospitals can garnish up to 60% of your wages. We make under $48,000 a year for a family of 4 and we break even every month. I am just sitting here going, WT….!

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent today. I am literally sick to my stomach. I so don’t know what I am going to do!

I hope you are all having better days!

UPDATE posted on 4-29-2011

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My Daughter SOOOOOOO embarrassed me! Whew!!!

OMG I just have to tell you that today my daughter totally embarrassed me! We were at a local shopping center and they have a huge fountain that the kids can play in and it was so nice today I thought it would be a good day to go.

My daughter, who is 5, had a GREAT time. She laughed, she squealed, she got drenched! She had the best time.

We even found the Easter bunny and for the first time in 3 years she was not too scared to get a picture.

Then it happened….our great day turned into DRAMA!

So she has had this little bump for a couple weeks on her knee. I kept checking it and it really just looked like a little pimple so I left it alone. When I took her to the restroom at the shopping center I noticed it was 3 times it’s size and red. It looked very sore. I could also see the teeniest, tiniest speck of dark brown in the center and thought “that’s odd.” So what do I do..well….I took my finger and scraped it off and low and behold I pulled out a 1/4 inch wooden splinter out. Apparently her crawling and playing on our hard wood floor had taken it’s toll on her knee.

You would have thought I was committing murder in that bathroom stall, OMG! She screamed bloody murder at the top of her lungs and I swear that I heard a couple people walk into the bathroom and then immediately out! I could not get her to stop! She whaled and screamed for 45 minutes straight. Out of the restroom, into the car, the whole way home and then some. She has been limping on her leg ever since! Oh the Drama of a 5 year old girl.

I am sure that people were looking at me going “Woman quit beating your kid!” It was horrible. Not even 2 minutes ago my daughter looks at me and says “Mommy, is it done bleeding?” I said “YES!” She says “oh it feels good then!” Me “%$%^&*R$$@##@!”

Oh the drama. It is over, the swelling is gone and no more bumpy splinter. Lesson learned…next time wait til we get home to harm the children!!

Peace everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!

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$20 CASH Giveaway!

OK so I am not to proud to beg!
Image from photobucket

I entered my husband and I into a Disney sweepstakes to renew our vows and I NEED people to vote to win! So as I sit here thinking how bad I want to win this I thought of adding a little incentive.

How about a $20 CASH USD giveaway?!
Image from photobucketSo this is the easiest giveaway ever and all you have to do is vote for your entry and come back and tell me you did. The sweepstakes does tally the votes so I will know people actually vote when my numbers go up.

My entry is on this link–60565/ and all you have to do is click on “vote.” Well will require you to create an account but you can always delete it after and your vote will still count. You can vote once a day til the contest ends on May 9, 2011. So every day you vote is 1 entry into the $20 giveaway. Giveaway will also end on May 9, 2011

The winner needs to have a paypal account. That is just the easiest way to pay.

Thanks in advance for voting and for entering my $20 giveaway on my blog! Feel free to follow me GFC too and if you let me know I will throw in another entry for you!

Please leave me your e-mail or I cannot contact you if you win!
I will used to pick the winner and the winner will have 48 hours to respond to me to claim the prize and if no response I will pick a new winner until I pay someone the $20!

Entries in a nut shell
MANDATORY ENTRY: Vote for me here–60565/ make sure it says tawna6988 as the user name. 1 entry per day that you vote!

Extra entries:
Follow me (this blog)GFC-1 entry
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Tweet the giveaway MAX 3 per day and have to be at least 4 hours apart, and please leave link

Have a great day!

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