Our 5 hour layover in Denver, really not so bad!

What to do during 5-hour layover in the Denver airport!

As you know, we are visiting family in Idaho for my niece’s graduation. Both my husband and I and the two kids came and we took Frontier airlines with a layover in the Denver Colorado airport.

What was supposed to be a 4-hour layover turned into a 5-hour layover due to our connecting plane being delayed. This may sound like a horrible situation, and both my hubby and I went into thinking of it that way, but it really was not so bad!

What we did:
got off the plane and decided that we were going to find a place to eat. Instead of picking the first place we could find, we got to be rather picky. So off we went with the two kids and the stroller to find somewhere to eat.
We went through two terminals, Denver has three, and found a place called the Cantina Grill

If you are ever in the Denver airport and have a chance to eat here…DON’T! It was horrible. It was not just a “little bad,” or just “OK.” It was “HORRIBLE!”

There is usually not a Mexican restaurant that our family does not like. My husband and I are known to be Mexican fanatics at times and we can usually find something in the restaurant that makes it worth while but not in this one.

The salsa had so much stinking pepper in it that is all you could taste. The chips came out cold, not ever warmed. We could have looked past the cold chips if the salsa was worth dipping the chips into.

I ordered a chicken salad in a taco bowl, one of my favorites and you usually cannot screw up a taco salad, and it was crap. I had to choose between chicken or vegetables to go with the lettuce. I asked the server, “can I not get chicken AND vegetables?” She just looked at me, and with a funny face and said, “I don’t know, no one has ever asked before.” OK I thought that was strange but I just thought, “whatever.”

The salad came with NO flavor what so ever. My husband’s burrito was 99% rice and barely anything else in it. He pretty much ate rice paste and I ate a tasteless salad. I thought, “OK…I am sure that the peppery salsa may not be so bad if just put one teaspoon in my salad.” I was assuming that the little tiny bit would not make the pepper taste stand out so much and I was WRONG! The pepper taste was so bad that my salad tasted like pepper and that is about it.

The kids would not eat the Quesadilla so my husband ate it and he said that was OK, so I guess there was the one thing worthwhile there.

We ate the food, because it cost us a freaking $35 for it, ridiculous I know, but we were hungry and had a long layover and flight ahead of us. I did complain about the salsa and did not get much more then a shoulder shrug from the server so I just took a breath and let it go. We were all tired and I was not in the mood to be a big witch that day.

Now it was time to kill more time.

We went to the last of the three terminals, which was terminal A, and headed up to the third or fourth floor, which was the mezzanine. The other two gates had stores etc on their mezzanine but not terminal A. This was AWESOME! There was nothing there other then a FedEx box and so we let the kids run for like an hour. They ran and ran and ran some more and they loved it.

I had peanut butter sandwichs packed and their water so they ate and drank that in between laps. Check this out!

This was the best part of the layover. It was even fun for my husband and I because who does not love seeing their kids run off energy and having a great time doing it!

Before we knew it, we were off to our connecting flight so we hopped onto the terminal train and headed to the C gates.

Well…we were delayed 40 minutes. This sounds like it could have been horrible but it really was not because we ran the energy out of the kids, and it was getting late. They really were great during the 40 minute delay.

My daughter found another 5-year-old boy to play hide and seek with. You may think that there is no way to play hide and seek at the gate, but for 5 year olds there is. We would not let them hide where we could not see them, and they had a great time.

We then got on the plane and had a great flight to Idaho.

This could have been a horrible 5 hours and thank goodness, it was not. I really have to say that if you have a good positive outlook you can make anything great. The kids were perfect travelers that day and it was a long day!

I hope you are all having a great Memorial Day! Please remember those loved ones that are gone today with all the happy memories and feel blessed that you got to know them.

I am remembering my first son today, with a smile, and am so glad I got the time I did with him. Someday I will get to hold him again and kiss him forever!

Wishing all happy memories today and a wonderful, non-rainy day!



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Leaving today, for the exciting state of…


Image from hotobucket
Don’t be jealous now because you know it is the most exciting state in the US!!!  LOL

Well to be honest, for me, it is pretty darn exciting. I have both my brothers there and my parents, sister and best friend in Utah will be there so I am retty stinking excited. Tammie, if you read this, I hope you will be showing up too!

Image from hotobucket

Let’s go over a recap of last years plane ride to Utah with me and the two kids.
At the time my daughter was barely 4 and my son was about 9 months old.
Short version: Lot’s of puking and crying on the plane=stressed out Mom and poor single guy sitting next to me:)

On the way home I discovered chewable Dramamine and that was GREAT!

We already have the Dramamine purchased and both kids will be getting their first does on the WAY to the airport today and the second dose on our layover.

Last year it was just me and the kids and this year I will have my hubby with me so that is a big WHEW!!

Today’s Layover:
UGH it is a 4 hour layover in Denver. I did not realize that but it is. It least we have time to eat!!

Arrival time:
I will be a very late night as we land at about midnight Idaho time which is 2am our time. That will be interesting. What will be even more interesting is the fact that we are 2 hours later than Idaho, herein Ohio so guess what time my kids will be waking up my hubby and I and the entire family. Sorry Dave, but you know it is going to be a very early morning, I hope you have lots of coffee!

Anyway, I am very excited!

I hope you all have a exciting week too!


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Do People really watch Survivor BEFORE they go on it?

So my question is…..Do the contestants really watch Survivor before they go on it? This may seem like a dumb question but I have quit watching this show for one very specific reason and it has to do with the contestants.
If you have watched or do watch the show then you get the “just” of it right? People make alliances and people get “screwed!” This is the way it is. You cannot win a million dollars without breaking alliances and stabbing people in the back. Hello…..it is common knowledge.

So the thing that drive me NUTS about this show is that there are still contestants that get offended and peeved off and down right nasty because they got stabbed in the back from an alliance. OK, so have they not watched the show before. Isn’t this the whole premise of the show?

I used to watch this show and after season 5 I was so sick and tired of hearing all the stupid whining I just stopped. My hsuband watches it and I have not watched it with him until the finale last night when Boston Rob finally won. Thank goodness he did because hoestly his personalitty drives me nutty. I may not like him but do strongly believe he desreerved to win the money. He played the game….period!

So my whole point is…if you are going to go on this show then shut-up the whining and expect to get screwed a few times on the show, it happens!

I liked the lawyer guy who simply said to the jury that Rob played the game and deserved to win, end of story. He did not have any questions for the last 3 contestants and did not whine about being voted off. He gets it.

OK there is my soap box for a minute. I feel better now. I told my husband that he was on his own again for this show. I don’t need to see anymore half naked women running around complaining that people are mean.

Thanks for reading!

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My Mother’s Day Pressent/Project!

So Mother’s Day is always the one of two days that I can get my husband to do pretty much anything I want. I have to think hard about those two days (the other is my birthday) so I can get what I want done on those days.

This Mother’s day it was the garden. I am tired of spending tons of money on crappy produce at the store so I have decided to get in gear and grow my own again this year. We have a rental and we got permission to dig so Mother’s day was dig day! Here is my actual gift!

Just FYI I use this soil every year I plant and it works great and each bag is only $1.49! I get it from ACE. I needed the soil because as we dug out the grass it was so muddy from all the days/weeks of rain I needed better soil to plant with. At the price though you can’t beat it!
Here is where my herbs are and I can’t wait for these herbs to sprout! 
This is the first part of the garden finished. I really took in one day with my hubby and 2 days by myself to get it finished. I still need to dig out another small one for the artichokes!

So this is why I have been MIA for awhile on this blog. I have been dead tired after working ALL day in the garden. We have a lot of fun things planted and I will post pics as they grow. We have; beans, peas, eggplant, carrots, hot peppers, 3 kinds of lettuce, purple cabbage, honeydew melon, squash, cantaloupe, tomatoes, red peppers and pumpkins with artichokes to come! Of course I will have to dig out the tomatoes, peppers, melons and artichokes as they start to grow and move them somewhere else but we have a great assortment out here! I actually have 3 topsy turvys that the red peppers and tomatoes to go in. I am excited to get it all going!
Thanks for coming by and reading today!
Please let me know what you got for Mother’s Day!

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Who invented swear words?

Image from photobucket

So this is my question today….who’s idea was it to invent swear words anyway?

I have been thinking about this for awhile and I just have to post it and get it out there. God did not invent swear words as they are not printed in the 10 commandments or in the bible. I know it says not to take the Lord’s name in vain, so I get that one.

This is my argument. Who was thinking they were so high and mighty that they got to decide what people were allowed and not allowed to say? Isn’t any word, said in a vain context a swear word?
So I can talk about Jesus, God, and Hell in everyday conversation and it is OK but once I add that “tone,” you know the one, then it is considered a bad word.  OK I get that, I am pissed off and I say something loud and mad so it is not meant to be respectful. Well…isn’t it the same for darn, dang and freaking? I can say those words every day in any conversation but once I say them in that same “tone” should it not be considered a swear word too?

I think that we should teach our kids how to react to different situations and not worry so stinking much about what word they are using because any word used in a pissed off situation is a BAD word! I say “swear words,” I do, I am not going to deny it. When I say them I do not feel guilty because really…any word I blurt out is going to be taken in a negative way anyway.

 Now I am just trying to teach myself to not freak out and blurt out any word in that state, not just the swear words. If I am mad and I blurt out any word in vain I really do not believe I am gong to Hell because I said a “swear word!” Just my opinion!

Thanks for FREAKING listening today!


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Had to give my son an enema…HORRIBLE!!

My son had not “pooped”in almost 3 weeks (well one worth while anyway) and it was getting bad. I took him to the doctor a couple of times and they finally said “give him an enema.” I was not looking forward to this but I had to do it, plus the poor little guy could not even sit in his highchair anymore so something had to be done. I tried extra fruit, juice, and even prunes and nothing would help.  We were worried that there was a blockage but thankfully there wasn’t, he just needed some help.
So I awaited my husband to come home because after I bought the enema there was not way I was going to give and 18 month old an enema by myself.

Let me tell you how horrible it was. I felt so bad. I laid him on his stomach over my legs in the bath while my husband inserted the enema. He screamed, and I don’t blame him. Then we had to literally hold it in for him, which was not fun. We then sat him on the little potty first and he would NOT let it go. He is used to a diaper so then we just sat him in the bath. It took awhile but he finally did and screamed the entire time. Oh it broke my heart!

The poor little guy finally did poop and he was happier in the long run and has pooped the last 3 days, “good!” He is sleeping through the night now (he was not when he was not pooping). I know we needed to do it, but it was so hard. But now we have a happy baby again!

Have a great day!


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Why I FEAR grasshoopprs, BIG TIME!

This is a bug post for the blog 5minutesfor mom to enter to win a gift card. This story always gives me goose bumps to tell to others!
Image from photobucket

I have a fear or grasshoppers because of this incident when I was about 7 or 8 years old (I am 39 now, so it was a long time ago).

I was playing outside in the springtime and had a long sleeve sweater on. I cam in fro lunch and took the sweater off and threw it by the back door. After lunch, I put the sweater back on and there was something jumping up and down in my sleeve and I was FREAKING out! I was jumping up and down and screaming and it was everything my Mom could do to get that sweater off me. I was crying and she got it off and out jumped a GRASS HOPPER! It scared me to death. I would not go outside after that for the rest of the day. Just relating the story now gives me chills. I really do not like grasshoppers to this day at all!

Even the picture I found on photobuket gives me the heebie jeebies to look at. I HATE them!

What is your freaky bug story!

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