I got to meet my blogging BFF face-to-face! Pure awesomeness!

I got to meet my blogging BFF and she wrote an awesome post about our meeting with pics! Go ahead and check it out! She rocks!!!
My Journey With Candida Blog: I Want To Introduce You To My Blog Friend Tawna: ” Tawna and I met online over a year ago through our blogs. Tawna writes the blogs, Tawna’s Journey To A Healthiier Me, Random Thoughts…”

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My son’s favorite show….ARGH!!! Why ME?!!

My son was asking for me to put on a show, in the only way a 23 month old knows how. “Mommy show, woof woof.” I figured this meant a dog show. I got onto Netflix and scrolled through the instant que and found a few dog shows. I tried them and he yelled “no, no, ymaw, no.” He calls me ymaw, so cute!

I know what he wanted and I was so trying to avoid it but after the 6th show… Continue reading

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Coupons and Freebies! Some expire soon!

I thought I would share these coupons and freebies with you! These are websites I have just started using as I am new to the whole finding freebies things. I use coupons.com the most and take a survey every day or so with Toluna. I wanted to share! Enjoy these 7 different ways to save or earn money!

I added a whole lot more to my new coupons and freebies tab on this blog. I will update that tab every few days!

As the cost of living increases and my hubby’s paycheck stays the same (so it’s kind of like a decrease) I need to learn how to save  money!

I have been using coupons.com A LOT lately and I love it!

Coupons.com Printable coupons, each coupon will have it’s own expiration date! They update daily.
Here are a lot more! Continue reading

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Bloggy Mom’s Conference today, whihoo!

I just wanted to say, “Yay I am on my way to the Bloggy Mom’s Conference today!” Thanks Tiffany North for letting me volunteer, I am soooooooo excited! I cannot wait to meet some of you fabulous bloggers I have come to get to know over the past 3 years! I really wish Terry was going to be there, but I get to see you next week!

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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