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Hiding the vegetables so he will eat them!

My son goes through stages and the other day he was going through an “only eat potatoes stage.” I was desperate to get some vegetables down his little belly and had a squash from my sister-in-law which I grilled and was determined to get him to eat it!

Of course the potato stage was going on to I had potatoes and decided that come heck or high water I was getting the vegetable down him so this is what I did. Continue reading

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A pet peeve with public bathrooms!

OK it’s time to share one of my little pet peeves I have when it comes to public rest rooms. Other then finding a wet toilet seat when walking in (heard of wiping it down?!) I have a toilet paper pet peeve. My friend Terry at My Journey with Candida would totally agree!










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Only kids can get away with this!

My daughter is too funny sometimes. I took her to her friends birthday party in Kentucky and I had her wear her swimsuit under clothing just in case we went outside. I asked her get her pajamas on before we left and gave her her PJ’s. I forgot to give her her underwear and she came out of the room all dressed and ready to go.

I got to doing “my thing” to get ready to leave and was taking a  bunch of stuff out to the car. I had a few boxes to take out to the car as I had made the cake for her rock star birthday.

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No flip flops in the movie theatre please!!

My husband and I do not get out much alone and when we do we try to take full advantage of the evening.

We have been waiting for awhile to see Harry Potter because babysitters are few and far between and we did not want to be at the movie with the millions of others so we waited a few weeks.

We got to the movie theater and it was awesome! We were the only ones in there until about 5 minutes before the movie started and then a family came in with two children and another couple, by themselves. Not a big deal, it was in a huge theatre and we were so happy to have an almost empty movie theatre experience.

Well…this was short lived. The night was rather frustrating and it all had to do with a young girl who was, I would guess, between the age of 10-13 Continue reading

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Cancer and Money sucks!

This is just a venting post to make me feel better. I hate cancer. I know I am not alone on this one. I am losing my awesome aunt to it and I am unable to see here and all because of damn money. It is killing me and I am sitting here trying to figure out any and all options to get there, but when you have a $1300 plane ticket staring in your face it is hard to even believe that it can happen.

I don’t have much time and my gut says “get in the damn car and drive!” It would take about 20 hours but I am contemplating it big time. The issue is that it will cost me about as much to drive in the long run as one plane ticket. What the hell am I suppose to do now.

Sorry for the depressing post, I just needed an outlet tonight and I have this blog, so this is the outlet. I hate cancer and I hate money tonight.

I hope you are all having a better night then I am having right now.


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My hubby actually had a funny/witty comment to me! Doesn’t happen much.

From MS Word clipart







I dislike reptiles A LOT especially snakes! I would use the word HATE however we don’t use that word in our house so dislike is as close as I can describe my feelings towards them.

My husband said something funny about this in the car the other day and I had to share because he is not always the wittiest man but he was this time and it cracked me up. Continue reading

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Smoking around kids…really?!!

I know people smoke and that is their right however, there has to be a point where common sense has to be taken into account.

I just cringe, and it is everything I can do not to go “off” on people when I see them smoking at my kids play grounds and while they are pushing their kids stroller. There are other places too but these are the last couple I have seen lately and it just makes me want to punch them out!

Smoking is a choice…right? So why are these certain people taking that choice away from their kids, or my kid, by smoking where these kids are? Really? Does this make any sense?

Here is my last escapade at my pediatricians office that happened to me a few weeks ago and I am finally getting around to posting it. Continue reading

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Making his dorm room a little less boring

Guest post written by Allison Sparks

I guess that they don’t really try to make dorm rooms look that great when they’re building them. The purpose is to house students, it’s not like you’re trying to woo buyers like with an apartment or a house. Last time when we moved our oldest son into his dorm room, even after we moved all of his stuff in there it still looked pretty plain and boring. So I told my son who’s going to be a freshman this fall in college, that he should also come up with some stuff to hang up on the walls and make it feel more like home.

We looked around online for some good posters for him to hang up on his walls and while we were doing that about a week ago, we ran across the website After we looked through it a little bit, I decided to switch over our home internet service to it.

He ordered a few movie and video game posters that we’re going to take. But I learned last time to take poster tape instead of regular tape, which my older son got charged for because it ripped paint off the walls. I knew that he would use his brother as dorm room inspiration.

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