Creating your Word Press blog before domain transfer

So I bought the and three months later I was ready to transfer my domain over to host monster and with the word press plug-in. I, of course, wanted to create my blog first so I had somewhere to import my blogger posts.

Now if you understand about temporary domains, all the lingo was in my hosting company, then you can do it that way, with a temporary domain. This is how I did it because I am not computer savvy.

Domains are only $10 a year so the initial buy of the .com was not so bad. I decided that the best choice, for me, was to by my domain name in .net or .org or anything that was available. If I was not going to be able to find it with another dot? I was just going to buy any random domain because it only takes a minute to change it. Continue reading

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It’s 2:00 AM and I am still cleaning!

It is 2am and how nice is it that MS Word Clipart actually has a clock picture that shows 2am?! Let me give you my run down for the last 2 hours. Yes I have been trying to go to bed for the last 2 hours!

The dog had diarrhea all over her pillow, so I had to change that. The baby (2 year old) also has had diarrhea all night so being a nice Mom, after I washed and cleaned up after the dog, I decided to check the baby. He was asleep but I was not going to let him sleep in poop all night. Continue reading

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First thing to do before merging from Blogger to WordPress

Domain name! First and foremost. If you have not purchased your domain from blogger yet then you should. Then you need to wait about 3 months before you can transfer the domain to your new hosting service. There are a couple reasons for this.

You need to get your blog off of blogspot so when you do switch your google rank and search engine searches to not plummet to ZERO. So this blog use to be and I bout the domain I then tweeted and shared my old posts over that 3 month period. I am not totally sure if that helped but I figured if I was inviting readers to my older posts on my new domain than maybe it would help the process go a bit faster. Continue reading

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Merging from Blogger to Word Press 101

I was told by MANY that it would cost me lots of $$$$ to merge my blogger blog to paid word press. I had a fear, pretty early on, that my blog would become deleted due to the horror stories I heard from others who had their blogs deleted for no reasons.

I had my first blog from just about 2 years and my second blog for about 6 months less. I was actually quoted from one company $600-$700 to move both and another company was about half of that.

I was told that the number of posts made a difference. They both told me that it costs more for more posts because of the time it takes to move them etc. I also got many quotes from other companies that were a bit less but all in all the average price was well over $100 per blog to start and about $150 per blog in the end.

I was also told that I HAD to have a paid word press template, the free templates would not do. So that was another $70 per blog, it least. Continue reading

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Storing my summer/winter clothes so they are easy to get out

I like so many others, have to store off season clothes due to space. For years and years this task would seem impossible and I would dread it.

Taking the clothes off the hangers, putting them in a box. Then taking the new clothes out of the box, put them on a hanger, repeat.

A couple years ago I had an “AHA!” moment. It seems to silly now but it totally has made my life worth while and will take me all of 30 minutes to change my summer clothes to winter today. Continue reading

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Do you like “RAT” Music?

This made me laugh and I need something to make me smile this morning so I am making a quick post about it.

The other day my daughter and I were driving in the car and a rap song came on the radio station and my daughter says, “Mom, do you like rat music?”

I said, well I like some rap music but I have never heard of rat music, did your dad have you listen to an older group named Rat?”

She says “Mom, this is rat music on the radio right now.”

Me “Oh sweetheart you are too funny, it’s called Rap music.”

Her, “Mom, it’s called Rat!”

Me: “Again sweet heart, it is Rap music, you just heard it wrong, it sounds like Rat but it’s Rap. Continue reading

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Finally…I am not the nagging witch! He finally saw it!

Today was a good day. Well it was a not so good morning but it ended up being good.

See…I have been having arguments with my husband over the past 2 years about our daughter’s bedtime. He thinks since she does not have to get up early that she should be able to  stay up.  My argument is that kids need to go to bed at a decent time because they need more sleep. He does not see the tired fits in the morning, even if she sleeps in til 9am, so he just never got it.

Today he got it…YES he got it! Continue reading

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Getting rid of my contract and not soon enough!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am tired of my cell phone contract and am also frustrated that I can only upgrade my phone every two years without having to renew my 2-year contract. I am looking into Straight Talk and it seems to have a TON of features and plans that will fit the bill for my next phone service.

There are no contracts, no surprise bills, and no credit checks. Also there is great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity. Straight Talk only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung, so you can be rest assured you’ll find a high quality phone for your needs. Continue reading

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My Husband’s BAD HABIT…ARGH!!!

Have you seen the movie called Date Night? If not, I would recommend it. It holds a dear place in my heart, as the husbands bad habit in the movie, matches one of my hubby’s habits.

Leaving his doors open, the kitchen cupboards open! You name it, he does not shut it!

In the movie the wife walks into the open cupboards and drawers all the time. It so happened I watched this movie with my hubby and every time I would say, “see it hurts!”

This picture of his dresser was taken AFTER the movie, so obviously he did not get it.

I even tested him! Go to page 2 at the bottom of the post to read how I did this.

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To my Fellow Canadians…a Shopping Tip!

I was born and bred (till age 13) in Canada and still visit yearly. I had to share this awesome new comparison shopping website with my fellow Canadian family and friends.

I just ran across this web site Canada Post and I just spent the last thirty minutes reading about them and looking at different products to compare and found it rather informative. In fact they will help you compare the best prices for lot’s of merchandise. Check out the comparison for motorcycle parts. It gives you a bunch of buying options. This is one product of many you can search to compare.

Another thing that I know bothers a lot of people I know, up in the beautiful land of Canada (Hi Grandma!) is that most shopping websites are geared to US dollars and they have to go through the trouble of all the conversion formulas in order to find out what they are “really” going to pay. This Canada Post is already in Canadian dollars so finally a website that gears itself to the Canadian population and you won’t have to convert from US to Canadian currency.

Now not every store is Canadian owned, if fact you can also browse many US stores too, but you get to see what you will pay in Canadian dollars so that is another huge perk.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my Canadian heritage with you and pass the word along. I may not live in Canada anymore but still have a ton of Canadian Pride!

Have a great day!


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