Inexpensive craft time with my kids

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I went to KMart the other day to look around and found these really fun Christmas ceramics you can paint.

They were on sale for really cheap, around $5 each, so I decided to get a couple for my kids.

I got each of them one and bought them home and they were soooooo excited! I figured since they were so cheap, I did not care if they go ruined, broker, or whatever. The only complaint I had is that the paint does NOT wash off well at all. It was still OK as I could scrape the paint of of the table with my nail but as you can see, my two year old made quite a mess! Well the picture does not sow the end result but it was all over him, the table, the floor…everywhere!

I don’t know why I did not take  a picture of my daughter’s but she was about as messy, but did get more paint on the actual ceramic then my son did.

The whole point is that I did not have to spend a lot of money at all to give my kids something new to do. They loved the art and it really kept them busy a few times over a 2-day time period.

Now my daughter is giving hers away to my in-laws for Christmas. My son’s, not so much, but he loves looking at it and saying “fun!”

Hope you have some wonderful bonding time with your kids too!


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