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UntitledI guess holiday shopping makes everyone crazy including the retail stores. I have two things today that make me wonder how some companies stay in business…really!

First excursion was to the local material store. I got the material I needed and found an impulse buy on one of those little hanging things at the end of an isle. It was cute, under $3 so I thought what the heck. Took it up to the register and was told I could not purchase it. Yes you heard correctly I was not allowed to spend my money on this little paper item. I asked…”What?” They said, oh these are suppose to be taken off the shelf, we can’t sell it, they are a seasonal item. I said “OK from when?” They said “from Valentines Day”. Me…”ummm we are in December.” Cashier…”blank face…”

So I did not buy them. I went back 2-days later, they are still there.

Second one was a booster seat i wanted. I found one in the store and asked someone to help me find it new in a box. I was told that they only had the floor model and I could not buy it. I said OK fine.WTFriday image

Something told me to try the app and use site to store ship as it was free, however the app said it was in stock. I went to customer service and showed them it showed in stock. They told me the app was wrong. So I walked away and bought it through my phone app and waited until I got the e-mail saying it was ready for pickup. It was about 60 minutes later.

I walked up to the customer service and showed them my email for pickup. They said “we don’t have it.” I said, “you do have it as the e-mail says it’s ready.” So the very angry and irritated service lady looked behind her and saw my box…of the seat! “Oh,” she said. “I guess we did have it in stock.” Me, “yes if you would have checked int he first place I would have not have to wait 60-minutes and gone through this mess thank you!’

Now I could have just left but that booster seat was not available anywhere else for the priced and I wanted to make a point. I think I should be paid commission for that seat I bought since I sold it to myself!

Happy WTFriday!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that’s crazy! I feel like the holidays do put people on edge like that so some workers don’t even try but they should know that going into retail!!

  2. Goodness gracious it really makes me wonder where in the world the training comes in when given a job to work with the public.

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