A 40 minute tantrum from my 3 year old…

I hope you will share!

So all I said last night at 9:15 pm was: “let’s go get PJ’s on. Oh my, that was the wrong thing to say as it turned into a 40 minute tantrum. I was so ready to jump out of my window but I handled it better than usual.

She cried and cried and I was very calm for about 36 minutes of it. I simply told her that if she did not calm down she was going to lose things. We were in her room and every 2-3 minutes I would tell her, “if you don’t stop I am going to take a toy out of your room and you are going to lose it for a long time.” I took out 3 large stuffed animals, her princess vanity, and her castle doll house. She finally figured out that I was serious and stopped. I now have all her toys hidden away and she has to be good in order to get them back one at a time. This means she has to go to bed without a tantrum and if she does, the next morning one of her toys will reappear.

Let’s see how this works.

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