A few coupons today

I hope you will share!

I LUV Sharing!

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11 Responses to A few coupons today

  1. Christina G. says:

    Nice deals. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen Jaras says:

    I am all ove the Sally Hansen coupons to keep my granddaughter supplied in nail polish.

  3. Ronald G says:

    For most of my 63 years I did not even consider coupons..now thanks to you, your work and others I have found out that I can actually save quite a bit of money on a weekly shop.Thank you.

  4. Jenn E says:

    I have been wanting to try those Sally Hansen gel polishes!

  5. Jackie Jernigan says:

    Thxs for all the great coupons and the great Amazon giveaway!

  6. laurie damrose says:

    thanks for the coupons.

  7. laurie damrose says:

    Thank you for the coupons!

  8. RICHARD HICKS says:

    Like the bacon coupon. It has gotten so expensive lately

  9. Dorothy Boucher says:

    thanks for sharing and great coupons today 🙂 shared

  10. krystel says:

    thanks for sharing

  11. Jasmine P says:

    Many thanks for sharing!

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