A letter to my 17 month old!

I hope you will share!

My dear son:

You have chosen not to sleep for the past 2 weeks and it is making Mommy very tired. Last night being up at 2:30-6:00am was not the  best time for Mommy to be a Mom, I was/am tired. It is a good thing God made you so sweet and cute because I will take sleepless nights so I can hold my beautiful baby boy, even if I am half asleep doing it.

Just think, if I was not blessed with children then I would be rested but lonely. God has blessed me with beautiful children. I may be slpeepy but I am happy and loved!

Now dear Brahnan, I will not give you a nap today. Can you please sleep tonight?

Love Mom!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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6 Responses to A letter to my 17 month old!

  1. tawna6988 says:

    That makes total sense because he jsut went through a growth spurt aobut 3-4 weeks ago and that is when this started! Glad I posted this and got yur answer:) Corssing my fingers for another spurt soon!

  2. Alicia C. says:

    My little guy went through the SAME thing, on and off, for a few months. It's like they wake up in the middle of the night ready to play. I tried everything to get him to sleep, only to be met with screaming and crying. I finally gave up and turned on Sprout/Nick Jr. Luckily, I'm a SAHM, so I could nap when he did. He finally out-grew it. I think this happened as a result of a lag in growing. As soon as he started up again, he was back to his normal hours.

    Good luck and drink lots of coffee!!!

  3. Opal Stevens says:

    Thanking you for following and gladly following you back ;)!

  4. MadameDeals says:

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  5. Hope says:

    He is absolutely adoreable!!!! I hope he sleeps for you the whole night! The things parents do for their kids!!! Good luck tonight!!!

    Also, I have a giveaway that is going on that would be great for Brahnan! One lucky winner will get an I Spy Bag of their choice. They are really cook and quiet when played with (my favorite part).


  6. Kerry SewPizazzed.com says:


    Hang in there. Hopefully those nights will be fewer as he get older. Yes, keep him up if at all possible. Maybe he will go to bed early and sleep all night for you.


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