Added a new tab with pictures!

I hope you will share!

Check out my new pictures tab! I finally went through the 1000 picture CD’s we have to find a before picture of me that is just days before I gave birth to my son. It took a while but we have a lot of picture CD’s filed in the basement!

Enjoy! More to come soon!

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I LUV Sharing!

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3 Responses to Added a new tab with pictures!

  1. Carmen says:

    way to go on the progress! I too just started a weightloss journey (also tracking it on my blog)! I'm trying to lost the 60 lbs I gained during pregnancy by this september!! I started last month and so far am 10 lbs down! I'm also going to be doing Insanity too! How do you like being a coach?

  2. tawna6988 says:

    Terry my hair was short! It was not ever suppose to be that short, thank goodness it was during pregnancy and it grew back fast!

  3. Terry says:

    Was your hair short or did you have it tied back?

    You are doing GREAT with your work outs, I can't believe that you keep up with them… I would of probably quit the second day.

    In the second picture, I can see you are starting to get that hourglass figure…… It won't be long and you will be exercising just to maintain…

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