Again…why do we buy toys?

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I know I have said this before but I still am trying to figure our why my hubby and I buy toys for or kids.


We spend all this money of birthday’s and Christmas and this is where I find my kids playing…They love to play in the entertainment center all the time. In fact they take all the toys out in order to get in there. They don’t play with the toys, they just get thrown all over the floor.

This was also quite comical. They had to dumb out the tote, which is also one of the toy boxes for this picture! Yes that is their roller coaster ride. We spend a lot of time at King’s Island and instead of playing with  the toys in the toy box they play in the toy box and pretend to ride roller coasters.

So I ask again…why do we buy toys? I have all their Christmas shopping done and am excited to give them their new toys…but…will they even play with them?

Anyway, it least they are having fun! I think the Goodwill is going to get a pretty sweet donation from me in the next few weeks!

Have a great day and happy holidays!


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2 Responses to Again…why do we buy toys?

  1. Jessica says:

    Great post! I have wondered the same thing myself, and my daughter is not even 2 yet! I guess the best thing you can do is just not spend too much on toys that YOU KNOW will just go to waste, or get the ones that are at least educational. That’s what I try to do anyway, but in the long run, there will usually be at least one thing that won’t get played with as much! Good luck!

    Found this on Bloggy Moms, btw!

    • Tawna says:

      Thanks Jessica for your comment and letting me know how you found the post! That helps!
      I know, I am trying to do more educational toys as I know family and friends will buy them a ton of the other stuff.
      I have become the donating queen and it is nice to be able to help others too and know that I am giving them the mess instead of me!!! LOLI
      I am thinking big refridgerator boxes would be a great gift for them that are decorated like a house!

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