Are optometrist’s cancer doctors now? Mine is, just ask him!

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First of all, I had one of the most ridiculous appointments and the eye doctor I have ever had yesterday. In fact that will be my next post tomorrow as I learned a few things and want to share…it was a joke.

Anyway, to top off my already horrible experience I had the most odd guy doing my eye exam and apparently he is a cancer doctor as well. Get this…I am sitting in the chair getting my eyes checked and there is a point in the exam where he has you look forward and then use your eyes to look into the corner of the room. I did this for my right eye and then the left. As he looked into my left eye…he stops…steps back…and says “I think you have cancer. I am so not making that up. I just kind of starred at him and said, “what do you mean?”

He says, “you have a spot under your right eye and I think it’s a squamous cell.”

Now first of all I do know what a squamous cell is, he did not know that, and second of all…really? If he really saw a spot couldn’t he just say “you may want to get this spot checked out by your doctor as I don’t like the way it looks. Either way, here is my reply.

I told him, “No it’s not, in fact it was a big pimple about 3 days ago.” Him, “No I don’t think so I think it’s cancer.” Me, “Um then that squamous cell had a pretty big white head in it that I popped a few days ago…twice.” Him, “Are you sure?” Me, Yes, in fact it looks a 100 times better today…I promise it is a zit. Him, “Well I suggest you get it checked out.”

OK so seriously, look at my picture…does that not look like a zit? I have seen skin cancer and to my knowledge this looks nothing like a cancer blemish but rather a red zit.

OK so I appreciate someone being concerned about my health but telling me I have skin cancer and arguing with me about my zit being popped…really? He is an eye doctor for crying out loud.

Anyway, it was just the icing on the cake for my whole eye doctors appointment yesterday. I am so glad that is over…it was horrible!

On a good note, my eyes did not change much! Well, maybe I should get a second opinion, he may be a better cancer doctor then an eye examiner…LOL!

Have a good day.



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