Avoiding the “eviction” from the foreclosure

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So I initially said that we had at least 60 days to be out of our house after the bank bought it back at the Sheriff’s sale. That is not untrue but I am learning a couple more things that I was not aware of before.
Having an eviction on your record is definitely not a good thing when you are looking to rent a house, which most people do after a foreclosure. It is definitely smart to stay in until the Sheriff sale but don’t wait until the bank gives you notice or if any buyer gives you notice. It is actually and “eviction notice” they give you and that looks really bad when renters run your background check. Leaving willingly looks a lot better.

So this is my week; tonight dress rehearsal, Friday and Sat. dance concert Friday and Dat. Day from 7-4 garage sale (since we are downsizing to half we have to sell about everything). Sunday is father’s day and more packing. Monday last day here to pack and Tuesday I fly to Utah for 6 weeks and my husband has 2 weeks to move us out to a new house. Hmmmmm, what shall I do with my free time!

Very stressful busy week and cannot wait for Tuesday night when I can walk in my parents door and say, good night! Mind you we get there at around noon Mountain time but I am pretty sure after this week and me on the plane by myself with 2 kids 4 and under, I may sleep from noon till the next day!

SCREEEEEEAAAAAAAMMMMM! This too shall pass, right?

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  1. Terisa says:

    Well I sure hope you get here safe. We look forward to seeing you. I am sorry to hear about your home. I hope things work out well for you!
    See you soon

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