Back to the vet…again!

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This is straining my positive vibes big time as we have to head back to the vet again today. It has been 6 days of utter “heck” in our house and I am feeling the tension and I so need to release it!

Look at that poor dog’s face? Now that the pancreatitis is almost over, 6 days later and she still limps a bit, now she has a “hot spot” underneath her neck that will NOT stop bleeding. There is one little pore that no matter what you do to it it just bleeds, bleeds, and bleeds. It is not like it even bleeds a lot but just enough to make me worry and it soaks through anything and everything.It has been bleeding for 24 hours now so I called the vet and we are on the way in as soon as my daughter is out of school. The poor dog. I feel so bad for her, it has been one thing after another. This has been a lot of extra work too. On top of 2 small children 5-years old and younger, I now have a dog who needs constant medical attention and I am just plane worn out!

On top of that the breaks on my car went out today too. I am pretty sure that all my negative vibes I have been giving off over the past week has just helped all this other negative crap seep in. I am trying to get my head straight today and work on myself again. It has effected my workouts, moods, headaches, and everything else. Oh and we were all sick this weekend too so that also brought in a whole lot of negative I did not need added in.

So in the end, this blog, and my life, are not all roses. I am not Miss Positivity every day. This is a low point for me. the difference is that I am noticing it and now today, it stops! I need it to stop. I feel myself digging deeper and deeper into a hole of depression and stress that are only going to hinder me in the long run. I have been on this journey for a long time and I am NOT going to screw it up now.

So off to the vet, get the breaks checked, not worry about the $8 we have left in our bank right now, and stop feeling sorry for myself. This to shall pass.

I need to get my dog better, get my head better, and quit yelling at my kids because I have let my weekend negativity control my life!

I hope you are having a great and positive day!


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3 Responses to Back to the vet…again!

  1. Oh Tawna… the poor pup! I feel so bad just looking at her. She looks like she is in pain. Makes me want to cry.

  2. Joanne says:

    Poor girl! You can see she really doesn’t feel good. I hope she will continue to heal. I also hope things will be looking up for you soon as well. I don’t know if you are spiritual, but sometimes it helps me to just stop and say a prayer. It helps knowing there is a greater force out there I can appeal to. Take care!

    • admin says:

      I am very spiritual just not religious, if that makes sense. I have prayed every day and teach my kids to do it too. I have learned that this whole positive journey and law of attraction journey I am on is all about faith and spirituality. Whether you believe in God or any higher power, I really believe that prayer and positive thoughts play a huge role in our lives! Thanks! She is so much better!

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