Best babysitter ever!

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The best babysitter for my very moody two-year old is not a human being. It is not the TV, nor any of his toys. The best babysitter ever is something I cannot go out and buy for a few bucks at the store.

My son has been going through his terrible two’s lately and he has been a little tougher to deal with. His attention span is at a negative on most days, and he is really starting to show his independence.The last few days our neighbor has been putting on a new roof and a new lawn in their yard. They had their entire lawn ripped up and they are out laying a new one as we speak.

Want to know the best babysitter for my 2-year-old son? Here it is.

The big truck and the tractor. My son has been glued to the front window and/or the door for two days. “Mommy, tractor, big red truck, come see!” All day long.

I just lock the front door on the top and bottom, so even if he get’s the handle unlocked he is unable to reach the top of the door.

It has been nice as I have been able to a lot of things around the house, like blog post, dishes, dusting, pay bills, etc. without having too much disturbance. I do this all within viewing distance of him.

Now if I could just get my daughter into all day school things would be a lot calmer around here. 2.5 hour Kindergarten is a joke. She is ready to be in school all day. As much as I thought otherwise in the beginning of the year, I am ready for her to be too!

I love my kids for then anything in this world. Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet break. Not too long of a break because then you miss them too much, but a few hours here and there is priceless.

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