Black Friday Work-out!

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I have not been black Friday shopping since the mid 90’s and for good reason.  I hate shopping anyway but people are stinkin’ crazy on this day.  Back when furbies were popular was the last time I went and I was standing in wal-mart with a furby in my hand and a woman (had to be at least 70) walked up and ripped it out of my hand and ran off.  I did not chase her because I just really did not care that much but I am sure I had a shocked look on my face as I watched her dodge the million shopping carts on her jog away form me.

Like I said people are crazy and I am definitely crazy this morning!  I am sitting here getting ready to head out this horrible black Friday morning as my good friend wanted someone to go to wal-mart with her.  The positive of this is that I get to help my friend and I will burn a ton of calories being pissed off and frustrated and standing on my feet and walking for about 5 hours.

A good thing today…well I get to walk with my 4 year old in her Christmas parade today and she is so excited.  The town we moved from this summer does a big Christmas parade the day after thanksgiving every year and her little dance group walks in it.  She is sooo excited! 

On top of the shopping madness work out I get to walk with my daughter for 45 minutes so will hopefully burn off my thanksgiving dinner!

Have a wonderful black Friday everyone!

Pictures of the parade last year!

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  1. Krista says:

    So Cute!! I am a new follower.

  2. says:

    How atmospheric….wish we had nice celebrations like that. all we seem to manage are a few fairy lights in the street 🙂
    New follower Carol from

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