Blog Giveaways…do you always receive the prize?

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I am throwing this out there to anyone who has won a blog giveaway and has had trouble or has never seen their product? I know that I have sponsored a couple giveaways and one time my shipping company did not ship it and as soon as I found out I reshipped. I get that happens sometimes. But what I want to collect is information on anyone that has not received or had to beg to receiver their prize. Here is why

I am getting ready to post about a sponsor that has made my life a living he&% for the last 3 days and has actually charged me for shipping and then recharged my card for merchandise I won in a blog giveaway. I want to know if there are others out there? Please post, share with a friend who has had this issue and let’s see how many there are out there.

I know as a blogger who often hosts giveaways I want to avoid the companies that do not follow through. I know it’s not the bloggers fault, unless they are the sponsor. This sucks because we as bloggers depend on companies to sponsor and follow through and then it makes us look bad when the sponsors fail. That is why I am not posting the blog that I won from because I know for a fact that this blogger runs successful giveaways all the time.

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  1. Cynthia R says:

    seems like out of 10 giveaways I may win about 1 or 2 of the prizes never get received. The most recent one was a Sony mp3 player, man I was so bummed by this. I won back in may and have emailed the blog person a few times but never received a response. I know its the sponsor but I would have appreciated a response back even if it was an I’m sorry but…
    Once I did not receive a dress and the blog site disappeared, I was in an email conversation with another blogger who happened to know the blogger that disappeared under sneaky circumstances. This other blogger knew the sponsor company and contacted them for me and got me my dress. I was so happy and impressed how this blogger went above and beyond!

  2. Well, I have my complaints, YES, PLURAL, complaintS………..I am an avid giveaway/contest player, so I’ve had my share of wins & fails but there has been on two separate occasions that I have won a giveaway & been strung through heck to get an answer on my prizes. One was from a company in Canada, I won first prize & there were 20 different items in that pool of products I could choose from, so I did so , sent the email back to the page that hosted the giveaway & the girl sends it on to the company in Canada. This goes on for over a month & she sent emails to them & everything & it’s been at least a year or close to it since then & I still have NOT gotten the first item out of the 20 promised!!!!!
    Also, I had won a contest on a Facebook page for eye shadow, one for me & one for someone I choose to give it to, well, I had lost three immediate family members in a very short time, so I couldn’t remember if I got the shadows or not & what I do is keep all correspondence so I can keep record of what I won & did or did not get yet & I didn’t have anything stating I got the shadows , so I contacted the girl’s page & asked her if she’d sent those out because I couldn’t remember with the deaths & all & do you know this chick had the balls to talk pure crap to me!!!!! She called me a free loader & all that stuff & it was uncalled for. I mean, she’s the one who posted the contest for the giveaway, not me, I entered it just as she was wanting people to do , so why all the heat??? Oh, that’s not the good part, the good part was when she posted a nice letter on her Facebook for all her little “buddies” could read & it said everything but my name. I was livid!!!!!! I couldn’t respond because the psycho blocked me & all I had done was ask her if she sent the eye shadows out because I was going through a hard time & couldn’t remember if I got them yet or not!!!! I would LOVE to call her out on here so all of you would know to NOT enter her contests because she’s not a nice person & she’s NOT real, she’s NOT for the consumer, she’s out for the gold & don’t care how she talks to others!!! And to think I was going to order more from her, yeah…it’ll be a cold day a Haitis before I do!!!!
    Thanks for putting this page on here. I’ve been dying to vent to somebody about these instances!!!!

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