Boycotting antibacterial soap

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I know this may sound funny but I have been learning a lot about soap lately, which does seem a little strange I know.

A couple things I have learned about the soap from nurse friends, not from the internet or I would question it more, is that antibacterial soap is really not helping us to avoid disease.

Apparently there is an outer layer of skin that we have that the antibacterial soap destroys. This layer helps coat our skin and ward of disease when it can. If we constantly put antibacterial soap on it and eat it away then we are actually exposing our skin to more germs that way.

We need to let our kids build their immune system and being exposed to germs helps. Antibacterial soap stops this from happening too much and we may see our kids actually get more symptoms of sickness then when they don’t use the antibacterial products.

It may not seem like a major deal to worry about but it does make sense. I lived a very limited sick life in my childhood and we did not have all the sanitizer and antibacterial products. I think there is something to this.

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  1. Terisa says:

    I haven't used the stuff and my kids are really healthy. We need the bacteria in our life. It is our friend. Loved this blog!!

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