Boys come out with the video game gene don’t they?!

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I have always heard that boys are pre-conditioned for video games and I never gave it a second thought.

It seemed silly to me that this could really be true but now I am not so sure I was right.

My son, who is only two-years-old, seems to be quite the “gamer!” We don’t even let him play very much, but when he does find the gaming toys, he seems to throw a pretty good fight when it is time to be done.

Check out this little gamer!Diaper and pacifier and playing his “games!” Who would have ever though…not me…but this is my little guy. Cute as the dickens but already starting to fight me with the video games.

Good think I won’t allow any other gaming system but the Wii in our house. I am not giving in to all the video games. I want him to have more of a life then that, but he really is starting young.

A little won’t hurt, but it does worry me a bit. So, for now, he only get’s a little while every day to play them. A few learning games won’t hurt at 2 but I will not be the parent that buys those horrible blood and guts games for my kids. If the games are rated, then I feel that as a responsible parent, I should not be giving them those types of influences.

Anyway, he is cute and love playing whinnie the pooh and honestly it is nice to have a little down time while he plays.

I hope you are all having a great start to a new week!


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2 Responses to Boys come out with the video game gene don’t they?!

  1. Nathan says:

    Well now you at least have something to occupy him while you have to change his diaper :). He’s adorable.

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