Breaking the scale…almost anyway!

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bathroom scaleI love my scale, it’s a great scale…it’s very accurate. However…I hate it too!

No matter how “great” a scale is, and how accurate it it…there is NO scale that is 100% accurate when you are losing weight! I now this, so why do I keep jumping on that stupid scale every other day…grrr. I so wanted to break my scale today!

So this is what happened today. 

I hopped on the scale, at the same time of the day I always measure myself. I know that if I measure at a different time then that can throw off the weight. I freaked out cuz I gained 2-pounds! Two freaking pounds damn it! I have been doing so good. Eating less, eating right, and exercising every day, what the heck…2-pounds?!

BUT, then I decided to do measurements and am so glad that I did because this was the difference after only 1-week. I lost 1-inch off my hips and 1/2 inch off my waist.  Thank goodness!!

I really did feel like I had lost weight because a pair of workout shorts I had on fit a bit bigger around my thighs. That stupid scale told me 2-pounds. Was it accurate…yes! 2-pounds of muscle gained weighs more then 2-pounds of fat lost. So even though the scale read me as a gain, it was a gain I will take. Muscle is more “dense” then fat so don’t let a scale discourage you, let the measuring tape be the judge!

I will still use my scale for an overall weight loss but when I really want to know accuracy, I will use the measuring tape.

Have a great scale free day!!!


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