Bringing in negative energy from somewhere! ATTACK!

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The last few days have been quite a disturbance in my positive law and I am not totally sure where it is coming from. I know I have not been as “UP” as I need to be but did not think it was this bad.

Here is what as happened so far.

1. I got a letter in the mail from my student loan company saying that I still owed money. I paid this off last month! I have been sending my payment to the SAME address for 3 years now, and they said they sent my LAST payment back because I sent it to the wrong address. Mind you, I have it set up in auto bill pay so I don’t write the address every time, and I checked…it went to the right address.

Oh there is more!2. My son purchased a $32 game on my phone from iTunes. He must have grabbed my phone right after I downloaded a couple free apps as that is the only time I can think of it happening. He upgraded a free game to paid and the charge went through today.

I have to add that iTunes has the worst customer service ever! You are not allowed to call but rather e-mail only. Really? Now I have to wait 24 hours for them to answer my e-mail. They will take my money in about a second but I have to wait 24-hours if I have a problem? What if someone charged like hundreds of dollars on my account?

I so should have bought a Droid!

3. The DVD player won’t play the movie we rented from the video store. I should have just watched a NetFlix video.

4. Kid’s are out of control today and not listening. I think my daughter and son are feeling the negative vibes in the house and are just playing along with them!

5. Google friend connect somehow “spit out” my website URL’s in my GFC settings so it was showing as an invalid widget. Really? It is not like I changed my domains. I had to go in and re-ad them.

So this is my day. So now I have to make a decision on what to do and there are two options as I see it.


I can wallow in my negativity and let it win, which is honestly what I have been doing all day. Mind you…it is NOT working and making things better. I can keep pleading the “victim” status and ask for everyone to feel sorry for me. Uh is that working? No!


I can get over my negative self and do just that “GET OVER IT!” It is not going to change the fact that all this HAS happened, but if I can get over myself then I will let more positive in. Will this work? Well of course it will, I just have to let it.

This is a hard thing to do, I know, but you know what? Being a victim and always being an angry person really has not and will not get me anywhere. I know a lot of negative people, as I was one for a long time, and it does not get you anywhere but more angry and negative.

So now the game plan…what to do to attack it.

Any suggestions?

I think this is a great place to add some positives that have happened today and see if they outweigh the negative.

1. My family is Healthy today.

2. I got about 50 kisses from my kids this morning and hugs! (this could be 2 positives as it is 2 kids)!

3. The last loan payment I sent in, that is being sent back, is actually more then I owed by $52.

4. The DVD store is willing to either refund my money or give me another rental.

5. I had an awesome date last night with my daughter.

6. I have a warm house, food, and clothes.

7.  I have a wonderful husband, and we had a great day yesterday together.

8. I got to talk to my parents last night. I am still lucky enough to have both parents living in my life.

9. I may have had to redo my GFC address, but all my followers are still there.

10. My daughter is in school for 2.5 hours and my son is asleep. I have some quiet time.

So this list could still go on, but now I am seeing things in a different way. I may be having a “glitch” in my positive journey, but that is all it is…a glitch!

Now to quit whining and take charge and just get over myself!!!

How are you doing today?


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  1. MangoChutney says:

    Thx for this posts, because I do see the glass half empty than half full, which most of the time makes me feel uptight. I did, recently, say to myself, that I would say out loud, when I’m feeling down, what I’m thankful for until it becaomes a habit. This posts just helps me to refocus.

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