Burning calories at the airport!

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I had a two hour layover in MN twice this past week and after two and a half hours of flight time, twice in a day, I needed the lay over!







The airline seats have gotten so stinking small and uncomfortable, by the time I stood up my legs and hips were cramping big time

I spent my entire two hour layover walking and it felt great. I even bypassed the movable walkway (my name for it, I am not sure what it is really called).








I figured if I kept moving then my second flight would not feel so horrible and crampy. It did help a bit but still got a bit crampy.

The worse part is that the plane was small as it only had two seats on either side of the isle and the guy next to me was a very nice guy, but rather large, and took up about a fourth of my seat. I had to sit with my outside armrest upright and my knees facing on an angle into the walk way. I tried real hard not to act annoyed but I was a bit. There were literally NO other seat available. This made me even more glad that I walked off some calories and burned some energy!

Every little bit helps and walking for two hours will definitely help combat the five hours of flying time!

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  1. A airplane, because of the confined space and lack of movement, is one of the places where Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots) happen.

    Good idea to get exercise after all that tight space.

    You know, when people are so heavy and take up half your seat, they should be made to pay half your ticket price. What do you think?

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