Can he do it?

I hope you will share!

So mu hubby gets to be with the kids all day by himself.  When I say all day I really mean ALL day.  I have a convention and it is the butt crack of dawn and I am gearing up to head out the door and will not be back til around 11pm tonight.

He has been frustrated with the cleanliness of things lately, since we just moved in, as well as a couple other minor things as well.  Hmmmm, I think he will realize exactly what I do today, whihoo!

Maybe he will even think it is important to put the child locks on the kitchen cabinets.  I even left them out on the cupboard for him.  I am sure they will be on by the time I get home.

I love him and I am glad he gets a whole day with them because he needs it!  I need it!

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I LUV Sharing!

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