Can vision change for the better the older we get…

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OK so I am freaking out today, well not really “freaking” but I am so baffled. I think I may be my own medical miracle today and here is why.
I have had glasses since I have been 16 months old. I have had 2 eye operations to open up my eyelids, one at 16 months and one when I was 8 years old. I have had horrible vision always in both eyes, but worse in my left eye. I have a lazy eye that is my right eye (even though it is lazy my vision in typically better).

When I am pregnant, which I have been 3 times, I do not wear my contacts at all, only my glasses. The reason why is that my contacts tend to dry out a ton more when I am pregnant and it bothers me so much that I can’t see spending the extra money for the contacts.

It is a really tough time financially for us right now because we are on one income and a family of four with massive medical bills. I finally broke down and had my first eye test and contact fitting since I found out I was pregnant back in December 2008. I have always been a bit blurry in my left eye with my glasses but thought that it was just due to the fact that I am always a bit blurry with my left eye.

I got a new set of contacts 5 weeks ago and my left eye was normally blurry and my right eye was a lot clearer with them. When I went into the eye doctor she thought that maybe changing the contact in the right eye by 10 degrees would help. Yesterday I got the new contacts and my right eye is 100% more clear and feels great. I thought that maybe she changed my left eye to as it was so much worse and I could not see anything and was getting massive headaches from how blurry it was.

I came home from my dance class and took out my contacts and it was amazing clear in my left eye when I took it out and blurry in my right eye. I immediately put my glasses on and could see better out of my right eye but my left eye was as blurry as it was when I had my contacts in and it was driving me crazy. I went on and off with the glasses all night long and got such horrible headaches from wearing them and not wearing them and each was due to a different eye when I had the glasses on and off.

I figured that when I got up this morning things would be back to normal as maybe I scratched my eye or something. When I got up this morning I put my glasses on and the same problem exists as last night. I cannot see any eye irritation from and infection or from a scrape. I called my eye doctor and they told me that my left eye contact did not change at all. Baffling? Aw yes! I have an appointment at 11:00am tomorrow.

I decided to try and wear my right contact only and nothing in my left eye since I cannot even do glasses with the left eye right now. Wouldn’t you know it; my vision is pretty darn clear with only the right contact in? This is so strange.

So did my eyes change during pregnancy like they say? Did I just not notice it because I was so use to the blur with my glasses? What happened in less than half a day going from the first pair of contacts to the second? I am so baffled and dumb founded right now. Will this change last, will I only have to wear one contact now and if so for how long? I am just overwhelmed with question and concern today. It would be nice to only have to pay for one contact instead of two, but the frustrating part is that if this is a permanent change then I cannot get any relief with glasses anymore which is nice to wear instead of contacts sometime?

Update tomorrow after the eye doctor. I would LOVE to know if anything similar has happened to any of you. I have heard of eyes getting better, but this fast? Who knows!

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3 Responses to Can vision change for the better the older we get…

  1. tawna6988 says:

    OK fell free to laugh and joke, I am OK with it.

    It appears that my contact, which I thought I took out, actually had suctioned to my eye so tight that I could not feel it at all.

    I usually have dry eye so bad that I have to take my contacts out and re-wet about every 4-5 hours. Well I thought I took it out and I could not feel it but it was suctioned so tight it was still in there when I put in the second pair. My eye was actually swollen around the edge and the doctor had to actually get it out.

    The even weirder thing is that my eyes did not itch, hurt, and were not read. I had a few people look in my eye for it initially as well and no one could see anything. Now I feel so dumb, but there you go!

  2. tawna6988 says:

    It is just so werid. I have heard it happening and still not totally sure or I don't want to believe it because I am afraid ti will get bad again. Have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in the AM. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tawna, since I turned 40, three years ago, my eyes have gotten better each year. I would take my glasses off to see up close and put them on to see far away, but there was no in-between. When I went in for my eye exam I had gone from 2.5 to 2.25 in each eye. Now I'm at 1.5. Weird, huh? She said that's why as you get older Lasix isn't as good of an option, since your eyes start changing. (Posted on FB first cuz I'm not good at following directions, lol!)

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