Can you talk yourself into or out of a headache??

I hope you will share!

My husband and I got into a little “discussion” about headaches the other day.

He wakes up a couple times a week, it least, and says “oh I have one of those headaches that is only going to get worse!”

I finally confronted him the other day and he did not like that very much. Here is how the conversation played out.I have been reading this awesome book by Joe Vital called “The Key” Anyone wanting to change from negative to positive should get it.

It really helps you realize how much power we, as humans, have on our success in life, and overall happiness. What does this mean about headaches and sickness, well…everything!

We can talk ourselves into feeling good and we we can talk ourselves into feeling bad…period. Yes it is quite normal to feel sick every now and then but why do we need to make it worse? Why do we as humans need to make ourselves feel worse, for sympathy?! Not me anymore.

So I confronted my hubby and said “Babe! If you tell yourself the headache will get worse and not go away, then it will. If you tell yourself, it will go away, then it most likely will.” Oh he did not want ANYTHING to do with that statement at all, far be it for me, his wife, to have any opinion at all and I got the, “I don’t talk myself into headaches,” lecture. I did not back down. I said, “well…I have been talking to you a lot lately about my positive thinking journey and we even talked about people curing heir cancer, using there mind over matter, etc. How is your headache worse then cancer?” He did not say a word! I then said “you know, if we are going to want our kids to be on this journey with us then you need to quit letting them here you say “my headache is only going to get worse.” “Tell them, I don’t want this headache today and it will go away because I will it too.”

Well that was the end of that conversation. We will see how that goes next time!

Have a great day!


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2 Responses to Can you talk yourself into or out of a headache??

  1. The minute I think my hubs might want S…..E…..X…. I can feel a headache coming on.

    Really though, If I think to myself that I am going to get a headache, I usually do.

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