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MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

I haven’t posted for a long time. I have been down with the nasty head cold, flu and then bronchitis, for just about a month now. Good lord it has been nasty. I have spent a lot of down time watching TV by myself and with the kiddos during my sickness and I have to say that I am NOT loving the cartoons these days.

I used to love cartoons when I was a kid but now I feel like I need to monitor the cartoon channel before I let my kids watch them. There are three different shows that come to question over the past month.

1.  Scooby-Doo…who loved scooby-doo as a kid? Me…I did. How innocent was that show? Dog and gang of kids catch bad guys dressed up as ghosts. Predictable but a good show. It was always implied that Daphnie and Fred liked each other, but that was as far as it went. Well the new Scooby-Doo shows a different side. Not only do Fred and Daphnie have a lovers quarrels, so do Shaggy and Velma. I wish I would have caught the exact episode but Shaggy kisses Velma and then dumps her and Velma cries about loving him…good lord…seriously! So now our innocent cartoons have to teach our kids love triangles and hurt.

2.  I was watching some cartoon on the HUB and I don’t remember what it was called. Here is the break down of the episode. There is a king and queen. The king cheats on the queen and gets a new “girl friend.” Then the girl friend and the king lock up the queen and the girl friend turns bad. And the king is upset because his new girl friend lied to him and locked up his wife because they were to “rule the kingdom together while his wife rots in the dungeon.”

3.  Ever heard of that horrible cartoon called Adventure Time? Well it is another cartoon network cartoon. I have banned that cartoon from our house. It is gross and weird. The episode that put me over the edge was the one where the king takes different body parts from other women to keep his wife beautiful or alive or something odd like that. At the end he gives the body parts but but morbid as hell if you ask me…this show plain sucks!

I sit here in “aw” and wonder what the hell is going through writers minds when they write these shows that they know kids will watch. It is not like it’s the Simpson’s or other adult cartoons, they are actual kids network cartoons.

These are only three that caught my attention this past month. How many more are out there? I would love to hear other examples, so if you stumble across my post and know of one please comment!

Our world is getting rather messed up. Now to head outside with the kiddos and turn the damn TV off!!!!


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