Memory Foam Shoes Review

I have been on the search for a comfortable and durable shoe for years. It seems when I find a pair I can never find them a second time. The other problem is that it takes years to find that one pair that works.

The last shoe I tried was the new memory foam shoes. The specific ones I tried are these exact pair, the Sketchers black and purple memory foam. 

The minute I tried them on they were so incredibly soft and comfortable. I fell in love with them. The love did not last long and I am so bummed to say the shoes lasted nearly 6-weeks.

Here is why…

SAY NO to those Pesky Solicitors!

I am usually a pretty smart woman, with a good judge of character, but I did screw up and have decided to share my experience so others don’t fall into it. It is a frustrating way to learn. If you know anyone that could learn from my mistake PLEASE SHARE IT!

no solicitors 50 percentA couple months ago I was sitting at my business, minding my own business, and even though I have a No Soliciting sign on my door I had three solicitors come in. I should just start being rude and telling those people coming in that are begging for money, selling something, or asking for donations to read the door, but I am too nice and I usually listen to them and then politely tell them no.

The three solicitors were from a company called EMI and they are a T-Mobile authorized dealer. Just a few months prior to them coming in I had moved from T-Mobile to AT&T because T-mobile in my area pretty much sucks. The only good thing is that they are cheaper, and the only reason I can think of is because their service, like I said, pretty much sucks.

I told the three solicitors that and the very pushy little Asian girl was not having that and went on as to  how much better they have gotten and the deals they were having on phones…etc, etc. I listened and got sucked in. I flat out told her that I was not buying a phone for retail; she assured me that they had a sale for the Samsung S5 of $180. I told her that I did not want a contract and she assured me that I was just paying monthly for the service and phone and I could leave anytime and since my phone was only $180 that wouldn’t take long to pay off. I told her I was not paying a ton of money to start and she put a bunch of numbers on a paper and I was only suppose to pay a certain amount for two phones and a $80 deposit for each and we would be good. I told her that I needed Canada coverage and

Quality Liquid Oxygen at an affordable price!

Liquid oxygenI had heard all the Liquid Oxygen hype for awhile before I decided to try it. I also found a ton of companies that sell the product on-line and wanted to try one that was not so cheap that I knew it was a crock-of-bull, but also did not want to spend an arm and a leg to try it too.

I ran across A-ZNutrients and found their prices to be pretty competitive so I gave them a try and I LOVE their liquid oxygen! I invested in a 3-pack they sell (less than $14 per bottle and free shipping) after buying the 1-pack (about $18 per bottle) because it was a lot cheaper. If you want to check out the liquid oxygen prices I have linked it here.  Continue reading

So tired of Dr. Oz and Hollywood selling us stuff!


Remember when Dr. Oz first started his show; he would not promote any third party product. I heard him many times say he did not believe in promoting health products for companies. Now over the past year, it least, maybe longer than that, all I get is e-mails, calls, and advertisements everywhere about what Dr. Oz is promoting.

Green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia and some wrinkle cream. This is just what I have heard about lately, I think there was also some Raspberry tablet a year or two back as well.

I am finding Facebook ads, Google ads, you name it and frankly I am tired of it! Continue reading

Generic paper towels versus Viva

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

Let’s just say that I, as many others, try to save money at the store. I do by a lot of generic things and today I decided I would test the paper towels I have been buying.

I have two kinds of paper towels in my house. I have Viva Paper towels and a generic grocery brand. I have the Viva for smoothing out my butter cream cakes. The generic I buy for every day use. However, I think I am changing my tune on the generic towels.

I did my own experiment today. Continue reading

Clipping MPerks Coupons Review

UntitledI have never been an extreme couponer as it is very likely that the majority of those coupons are not very healthy. However, I still look for the deals and cheaper items when I am at the store. There are some brands that I absolutely will not buy generic of, but for the most part I will buy the less expensive product.

I know the store cards are a joke as anyone can have one, but they are a great store “ploy” to make you think like you are saving some money. I guess some people don’t get the cards so they do pay more, but if there is a way to save a few $$$ I sign up for the card…why not?

So the local Meijer store has started their M-Perks program. This is how they do their store coupons. Meaning you have to go on-line and actually clip the coupons you want. This sounds like a good idea, at first, but here is why I have not been so successful with using the M-Perks program. Continue reading

Balsam Hill Baby Redwood Wreath Review

I have been trying to expand my Holiday decorations for the last few years. When you don’t stay in one place for long, it is a big pain in the butt to move so many things. I have gotten rid of a lot of things in my life, and my Holiday decorations have been a sacrifice.

Now that I am more settled I have been looking for new decorations that look good, are affordable, and will last. I found Balsam Hill and browsed around and found this Baby Redwood Wreath. It looked very pretty on the web page, and I thought it was worth a try.

So I got my wreath in the mail and might I add Continue reading

Bling phone covers…worth it or just pretty?

I thought I would share my review on a phone cover I bought this last week. It is a good thing it cost me less then $10 because even though it is pretty, I don’t like it one bit:)

I bought this phone cover on e-bay and like I said it was under $10 even with shipping. It is a nice pretty diamond looking “bling” phone cover. So why do I dislike this cover? Continue reading

Water costs more then a Soda?!!

MS Word Clipart

I was a the World-a-Fair a while back and I was thirsty. I have been trying not to drink soda much or at all so I decided I would go get a bottle of water. So I walked on over to the drink counter and all they had were bottles of drinks, which is fine, and I looked at the price…Water was actually .50 cents more then a soda…seriously. I looked at the guy and I said “just curious if that is a typo, is your water really more money then the soda…” Continue reading

The Best Bun Maker Tool, EVER!

I have danced for years and now my daughter dances. The dress code at her dance school is a leotard tights, and hair in a bun. Even though I have danced for pretty much ever, I have found myself to be bun illiterate.

My daughter’s hair is exactly like mine was…thick and long. It is so heavy to put up that most options and up dos I have tried myself have failed miserably. I have found a great product, through many trial and errors so I thought I would share. Continue reading