WTFriday…cell phones AGAIN at a the most inappropriate time!

Kids with phonesOH my goodness! I am so over the rudeness of cell phones I want to scream! I have said it before and I will say it again. “The cell phone is not the most important thing in your world!” Oh I so long for the days when yo had to be home to get a call and messages were left on an answering machine for when it was convenient to listen tot hem…the good ole days!

So again I have been annoyed with cell phones and again sharing it in my WTFriday post! Here was the latest for me in my little world. Continue reading

WTFriday…PU again!

UntitledSo last week I wrote about the smoky guy at the gym. You can view that here if you want. It has been a WTFriday month at the gym. I had another smelly experience last Saturday at the gym.

It’s taken me a while to get the hubs interested in going to the gym with me and Saturday I actually go him up to go with me…yay!

We decided to do the elliptical and we got on two that were side-by-side. About halfway  Continue reading

WTFriday…Adult Sticking out his Tongue!

UntitledOK this had been a weird two weeks. I have another really weird thing happen to me this week. I guess I must be attracting the immature losers out there because this kind of goes along with last weeks WTFriday moment, but this time I was on an escalator and it was my daughter and I again. My poor girl is going to think this world is full of freaks. Too be honest, I don’t think she would be totally “off” thinking that!

So this is what happened this week. Continue reading

WTFriday…scare my kid…WTH!

UntitledToday was a very weird day…an honest walk with my children turned into a semi dramatic event. Some people need some lives as there are too many people out there that strive for negative attention and that is just sad, in my opinion.

Today’s WTFriday involved a truck, 2-men, and my daughter…well me and my son too but it was directed towards my 7-year old daughter. It was just plane weird. Continue reading

WTFriday…Yelling at kids to fight?!!

UntitledI have recently dropped my FitWorks gym membership and started doing my workouts at the local YMCA. Not that I did not like FitWorks, it just made more sense since the kiddos are starting to do a lot of sports at the Y. They offer discounts for members so in the long run it is cheaper.

OK so I took the kids into the mat room after my workout a couple weeks ago. It is a fun room full of all different sizes and types of mats for the kids to build things, jump in, or whatever. The whole floor is covered with a mat too so they can have a lot of fun and not get too hurt, if they get hurt at all. Continue reading

Cheap eye glass stores…don’t make an appoitment until you read this!

So no matter how much money I have to spend on my bi-yearly eye exam and purchase glasses, I absolutely think that the frames and lenses are severely over priced.

Three years ago my glasses broke at 4:30 pm and I had to work the next morning at 8:00am and there is no way for me to drive safe without glasses so I was under the gun to get a new pair. Of course my only option was to call in and miss getting paid or go to one of those cheap places that advertises cheap glasses in an hour. I opted for the cheap glasses. Continue reading

Are optometrist’s cancer doctors now? Mine is, just ask him!

First of all, I had one of the most ridiculous appointments and the eye doctor I have ever had yesterday. In fact that will be my next post tomorrow as I learned a few things and want to share…it was a joke.

Anyway, to top off my already horrible experience I had the most odd guy doing my eye exam and apparently he is a cancer doctor as well. Get this… Continue reading