catnip/mint tea for teething

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My poor 13 month old baby has had a horrible time cutting his two molars this last week and a half.  They are such hurtful teeth to push through.

He seems to get all the symptoms when he cuts teeth: fever, constipation, fussiness (of course).  He had a fever for 3 days and has not been able to go to the bathroom other then urine for almost 4 days.

My aunt and Uncle were here last week and they said to make him catnip tea with a pinch of mint tea in it with a dropper (1-2teaspoons).  Well it won’t hurt his so I gave it a try.  Here is what it looks like

Well they said it should make him “explode” about 30 minutes after taking it and then it would make him sleep all night.  It did not help him poop at all but it did help settle his stomach enough to get some good sleep.  Still up once or twice but far better then the once every 20-30 minutes he was before.
Has anyone tried this?
ÔĽŅI then got rid of the catnip part and decided to give him straight up mint tea for the last 3 nights and he has slept pretty good.  They gave me mint tea after my c-section which helped a lot so i figured it should help him too.
He still had not pooped at all so I gave him a big thing of prunes and it seems to be helping a bit.  Mind you during this whole tea thing I have been feeding him fruit like it is going out of style, bananas, grapes, plums, you name it he has had it.  The fruit was not helping at all but the baby food prunes seem to be doing some good.
Poor baby!  Can’t wait for all his teeth to come in, so far we are at 10!
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4 Responses to catnip/mint tea for teething

  1. Retha says:

    My reaction is centered in a horrible nausousness, so I don't think it would work for allergic reactions that are the hive swelling type. But we use mint tea for all upset stomach related issues (instead of pepto)… It truely is great. I am anxious to try catnip tea now though ūüôā

  2. tawna6988 says:

    Rehta: I had no idea that mint tea would work for your allergic reaction, very interesting.

  3. Retha says:

    and I forgot to say: I love mint tea, it is the only thing that slows down my allergic reaction to soy.

  4. Retha says:

    not bananas! that is what you use to slow the other stuff ūüėČ I would try foods really high in fiber, like bran cereal. Hope he starts to feel better!

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