CHEAP work-out that felt great + MEASUREMENTS…

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OK so I can now see that my title may make you go hmmm, what kind of site is this? Well it is a true statement. I have been working on the total gym, which I really like, and this weak I am taking a step back to a cheaper work out.
Today I ran in place in front of the TV with 5 lb leg weights and 5 pound dumb bells. I actually “ran” the entire 25 minutes without stopping. This is huge for me as I hate running and have not had the stamina to run more then 3-4 minutes when I started this in Nov. Even 2 weeks ago I was only lasting about 9-10 minutes.

During the first 10 min. of my run I did use my 5 lb free weights to do upper body while I was jogging/running in place. This is a 2 lb increase from my 3 lb dumb bells so this is also very motivating. This will only enhance my toning goal even more. It was a little bit harder, which is good, but it was a good feeling.

I then proceeded to lie on the floor and do some leg lifts and kicks etc with the 5 lb weights on each leg. Lots of stretching which is getting easier and I am getting more limber.

I felt really good and sweat just as much as the total gym and really did a great work out today. My point being, you don’t need expensive equipment to work out. I think the cost of the dumbbells and the leg weights are about $25-$30 max. I bought those years ago at wal-mart and they were not expensive at all.


So I bit the bullet and measured today and here is what I got.

2/8/2010                NOW                   Loss/Gain
Bust: 43 ½             43 ½                     No L or G (I am so OK with this one)
Waist: 45 ½           45                         L- ½
Hips: 47 ¾             47 ½                     L- ¼
Thigh (1): 27          27                         No L or G
Arm: 13                 13                         No L or G

Total inches over 19 days = ¾ inch. This may not sound like much but it is huge for me. I am still losing and I feel better every day.

Total loss since I started this in November.

November 2009                  NOW              Loss/Gain
Bust: 44                              43 ½                L- ½ in.
Waist: 48                            45                    L- 3 in.
Hips: 49                              47 ½                L- 1 ½ in.
Thigh (1): 28                       27                    L- 1 in.
Upper arm: 13                    13                    No L or G (stubborn arm!)

My TOTAL loss since I started this in November 2009 = 6 inches. Average is 2 inches per month, yay me!! May not seem fast enough for some reason but mentally I have started to change so many things. The longer this takes and the more motivated I get the easier it will be to keep these life changes permanent


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2 Responses to CHEAP work-out that felt great + MEASUREMENTS…

  1. tawna6988 says:

    Thanks Corrie. Ya, I have always hated it so I am happy today. I am glad I am not the only one. Maybe when I come ouot there this summer we can go for a few jogs! Slow ones though, I am not a fast jogger at all.

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    Just chiming in here to cheer you on. Way to go! I used to hate running, but now I really look forward to it (words I never thought I'd say).

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