Christmas cookie tradition and bonding with my kids!

I hope you will share!

I grew up making Christmas cookies with my Mom and then taught my daughter how to make them and now it is my son’s turn to learn.

I love making these holiday cookies as it is a great way to bond with the kids, and they LOVE it!

I have to take advantage while they are young, as someday they may not want to make cookies with Mom so I have to cherish every holiday season they will do it.

How cute are they?Of course we do not bake and eat the cookies my 2-year-old makes but my daughter who is nearly 6 can bake and eat hers.

She is finally past the licking fingers while baking stage and has learned about clean hands and baking.

How much fun is my son having though? It is so worth the little wasting of the cookie dough to watch him go at it.

I love having these memories with them. I hope that they continue to want to do this with me. It is so fun!

What types of traditions do you do with you kids?


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