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UntitledI have never been an extreme couponer as it is very likely that the majority of those coupons are not very healthy. However, I still look for the deals and cheaper items when I am at the store. There are some brands that I absolutely will not buy generic of, but for the most part I will buy the less expensive product.

I know the store cards are a joke as anyone can have one, but they are a great store “ploy” to make you think like you are saving some money. I guess some people don’t get the cards so they do pay more, but if there is a way to save a few $$$ I sign up for the card…why not?

So the local Meijer store has started their M-Perks program. This is how they do their store coupons. Meaning you have to go on-line and actually clip the coupons you want. This sounds like a good idea, at first, but here is why I have not been so successful with using the M-Perks program.

First of all, I really don’t have the time to sit down and take 10-15 minutes and go through the coupons. Who really knows what they want…maybe I will use the coupon, maybe I won’t, but first and foremost, that is a lot of time most Moms don’t have.

Second reason is that there is a limit of how many you can clip. I tried, last month to just “clip” them all, but it stopped me at what the limit was…I have not idea what the number was, I don’t remember.

Third, my phone does not get good signal in the store so if I try to browse my clipped coupons on their app or on the web it takes forever to load and sometimes not at all. So Meijer, if you want us to use the app, then offer free WiFi in the store please.

Fourth, I don’t remember what I clip. This is also part of the third reason I guess. There are no signs on product that say they are an M-Perk coupon so I really buy my things and hope for the best. Some days I use some of the clipped coupons and other days I pick the wrong brand, because I don’t remember what I clipped and my phone has no signal in the store to check.

So this whole clipping coupon deal is a nice try, but for me, it has to many flaws in it.

I honestly head over to my Kroger store for 80+% of my shopping. I find that having a store card is a whole lot more user friendly. The products are displayed on the store shelves that are on sale or other special offers they offer.

In a world of convenience I really think Meijer could do some improving on their M-Perks program. I like the store, I do, but because the the challenges I listed above, it does keep me in Kroger more, because it is just easier.

What are your thoughts?

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